Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bath Sponges Are Your Friend


I live in an area where whichever direction you head toward, there is a store with baby items minutes away.

Because I researched so extensively throughout my pregnancy to find the best baby items for my buck, I rarely need to run out to the store unless something I have has been used so heavily I need a replacement, or I learn the hard way that yes, all of those other blog are right (Halo sleep sack swaddles ARE worth it!!).

I've been to Babies R Us twice in the last two days because silly me forgot what I needed yesterday so I had to turn around and go back today.

As I wore Billy in the Ergo, I headed straight toward the bathing aisle to pick up a new bath sponge.
Standing in that aisle was a sweet, expectant couple, eyes wide and jaws dropped at the array of infant tubs and spas. I overheard the expectant mama say, "Which one do you think?" as the daddy-to-be said, "I don't know...which one do you think?"

Because I can't help myself, I immediately asked if they needed help (all those years working retail through college, what can I say?!) and the mommy-to-be gave a sigh of relief. "YES!" she exclaimed, "Please! Does it really matter?"

I laughed and grabbed a bath sponge off the opposite side of the aisle and said, "This is it. Put it in the kitchen sink, use your extendable spray nozzle to shower your baby and that's it! Super easy and it's $7." She stared at me as though she were thinking, "Surely, you can't be serious. It can't be that easy to bathe my baby." while the husband had a washed over look on his face like, "FINALLY! Some direction!"

I grabbed a sponge for myself and started walking out the aisle when I turned and pointed at Billy who was happily strapped to my chest, cooing away. "He's five months old," I said, "and this is my second sponge. So what is that, $14?" and pointed up at the $89 spa they had been looking at before. "Seems easy to me!" I said as I smiled and waltzed toward the checkout.

Sometimes I wish I could just be a personal baby stuff shopper. You need a registry and have no clue where to start? Hand it over, sister. I've got it from here.

So many times new moms forget: LESS IS MORE! If you need something, stores are friendly places! (a line my own mother loves to say) Chances are you can get everything the baby stores and websites sell and still your precious babe will pick a favorite paci, then you'll lose it. He will barf all over that ONE lovey just as you're about to leave for a trip and you won't have a spare, and you will prefer one kind of sleeper over another for the sake of easier nighttime diaper changes. You will go back to the store at some point. Take a breather and register for the easy, basic things. Less is more. Bath sponges are your friend.

Are you an expectant mom and have no clue where to start? Email me if you'd like some pointers at Sparklesandcrafts (at) gmail (dot) com and watch for a post later this week on my baby registry essentials that WON'T break the bank.


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