Monday, October 21, 2013

Sweetest Day


On Saturday I had no idea that it was Sweetest Day, but the day turned out really darn sweet!!

A friend's parents recently moved into a new home and replaced their white appliances with stainless steel. They asked if we would be interested in buying the used white appliances from them (at a steal) and we gladly agreed.

Saturday afternoon Bill rented a trailer and headed out to their home to pick up our shiny, white appliances. If you don't remember, this was our kitchen before:
and NOW...

*I thought about cleaning up my kitchen a little bit to show you the new appliances, but then I realized that's not the real me. We're messy. And we have more stuff than space. And that's just real life for us :) 

The difference is huge - in more ways than one. Our old stove only had one and a half functioning burners...As in, the back left wouldn't light, the front left was just a little halfsie burner, the back right was too tucked in to actually use next to the pantry and under the convection oven, which left the front right burner to be the only real burner I could cook on.

The fridge has water and ice available in the door, so in a few weeks Hubs will hook that up and we will really be in business!! If you look closely at the before and after fridge photos you'll see that the new fridge is WAY BIGGER!!! There is so much space, we have an entire drawer devoted only to leftovers. It is like a dream come true. Our old fridge worked just fine for us, but this new one is even better!

Having 4 functioning and accessible burners is ground breaking for me. Yes, I am out one convection oven, but I'll happily take this in trade. Our next goal is to find a microwave for over the stove (and paint that little hiccup on the wall) which will free up MORE counter space!

I was so inspired by our new appliances I cooked a super meal Saturday and said it was for my appliance-installing sweeties (Hubs and his pal who the appliances were from).
I made a roasted boneless leg of lamb, rosemary and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower (our current family obsession - break cauli into rosettes and spread onto a sheet. Drizzle w/ olive oil and lemon juice, then heavily sprinkle w/ sea salt and bake @350ยบ for 35 min or until tender w/ brown edges. You're welcome. Mind = blown.)

For dessert I made Hubs' all-time favorite: Caramel Apple Cake. It's pretty much insane.
Now...what will I do with all the leftover leg of lamb?! Anyone have an idea??

Meanwhile, enjoy this adorable photo of Billy:
Happy Monday!!! I hope you and your sweetie(s) had a great weekend!!

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  1. Lucky girl!! You definitely know we are getting "old" when we get excited about new appliances (or jealous of others new appliances, ha!)
    Oh my heck, Billy is ADORABLE! His smile... ah!