Thursday, October 17, 2013

Word Vomit


I'm feeling spicy this morning. It might be the chai I'm drinking, but I doubt it. I've been like this all week, which is why I haven't posted.

I have a firm philosophy of "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" but since I have nothing but not that nice of things to say this week and I don't want my blog to be silent, I'm letting it out. So just deal with it. :-D

I'll just give you the topic ideas that have bounced around in my head. Word vomit time! Ready? Go.

  • As I mentioned this morning on Twitter, I'm a snotty, breast is best mom. I KNOW the formula vs. breast topic is a sensitive one, but hear me out. This is what bothers me: Moms who are perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully successful at breastfeeding their child for months, then decide to quit "just to get some sleep". I know every mom does what's right for her and what's right for her baby, but that just bugs me. I could go on and on and on about this for days. But I won't. Breast is best, and a lot of moms wish they could have successfully breastfed their babies. Quitting doesn't sit well with me. As @SharpMamaKel stated: "I'd simply suggest pumping in advance & storing in the fridge for dad to use :)" Amen.
  • Billy's 5 months old now. And pretty dang cute. 

  • I have to go downtown Chicago tomorrow for a conference for work. I will be away from Billy sun up to sun down and pumping my brains out...and I'm completely terrified because I will have to pump in the car for the first time. Sheer terror is coursing through me already. Irrational, I know. I'm not afraid that a trucker will peek in and see my girls, I'm terrified to spill milk while I'm driving. Terrified.
  • I bought a pair of really cute loafers this week. 
  • It's fall in Chicago, which means nasty winds, bitter cold and drizzly rain. How glamorous. 
  • All of my favorite cloth diaper companies released new prints this week. I'm obsessed with all of them: 
    BumGenius - Jules

    GroVia - Drift

    GroVia - Sweetgrass

    Rumparooz - Charlie Chevron
  • I ordered my winter staples yesterday online and they already shipped. This makes me super, duper happy. Leggings and long sleeved tees are on their way to ME! Thanks, Forever 21
  • I'm a baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, crunchy mama...who believes in cry-it-out. Let the judgements begin. 
  • Back to this breast is best thing. I know I whine about Billy's sleep ALL. THE. TIME. On Facebook. On Twitter. On this blog. Trust me, I know I whine a lot. That doesn't mean I want to do anything other than breastfeed him just to get some sleep. I accept that sleep is a sweet and distant memory and I will earn again in a few years when I'm done having children. 
  • Continuing on that because I can't let it go: All I ask is for moms to DO THEIR RESEARCH. If you understand the benefits of breastfeeding and still believe formula is right for your family, then by all means, do what you feel is right. But if you're just jumping ship willy-nilly and don't realize the repercussions that can go with it, then I am mad at you. I'm not talking to you mamas with supply issues or latch issues or who have full time away from home careers and are no longer able to pump or anything like that. I'm talking about the moms who stay home and are successfully breastfeeding then just stop. I just wish more people in the world made educated decisions. 
  • Since reading My Show Amanda's blog the other day about getting her body back I realized by the time I'm done breastfeeding and having babies, it will be years since I've had "my body" back. What a strange, strange feeling. 
  • Piggybacking that: I don't remember what it feels like to "not feel" my 'girls'. While I was pregnant they hurt all the time and breastfeeding brings it's own realm of feelings to them. 
  • I'm really, really, really REALLY excited that Katie is expecting #2! I think it's a boy, but that's because I think everyone should have a boy :D 
  • Tonight I'm making this for dinner. I can't wait for my house to smell like FALL! 
  • That's probably enough word vomit for one day. Or week. Or whatever.  
*I apologize for offending anyone by writing this post. These are merely my opinions and I understand that many mamas will not agree with them. I accept that.

**UPDATE** I have written an apology to how judgmental I am in this post. You can read it here. I am sincerely sorry for offending anyone by writing the post above. 


  1. Thanks for the shout out! And honestly... I'm pretty snobby about breastfeeding too... I just do get why you wouldn't if you can. So many women want to and can't make it happen, I just think it's selfish to decide not to because it's not convenient or you want sleep. And yes, I know that sounds kind of bitchy, but I can't help how I feel :) While I want Fynn to wean, I have a feeling she's not going to stop before I get pregnant again, which is a little depressing... at the same time, I'm not going to make her stop, so I just have to go with it.

    1. So glad to hear I am not alone in this. My goal is to wean him before we TTC again but time will tell!! Who knows what is in store for us. I am just really grateful to have bf working for us now!!

  2. I agree with you too. I even hate when I hear that people don't even want to try and just go straight to formula. Even if the baby on boob thing freaks them out, then I wish they would just pump - at least for the first six weeks when it is so crucial. Nursing is such a wonderful bond that I wish more women could experience. :)

  3. I had such a hard time nursing the first 2 weeks. I got to the point where I really didn't see the benefits of nursing. I just kept pushing through and it has been wonderful! Who wouldn't want to nurse if they couldn't? Aside from the obvious health's FREE! Woohoo. And as for the cry-it-out part-I did that and I'm not ashamed! My boy sleeps great now! Poor poor moms who don't do that and are still waking up a year later.....hehe