Monday, November 25, 2013

Norwex – A New Way To Clean


Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. That's just how I roll these days. Mothering and working full time gets in the way of this little corner of the internet I call home. I apologize! I'm human.

Friday evening I had some girlfriends over and we learned about an incredible cleaning company called Norwex.

In a nutshell, with Norwex products you can toss every chemical you own and use just water to clean almost everything in your home - including yourself and your babies! Don't believe me? Here is an explanation from my consultant:

Norwex microfiber is 1/200 of a human hair (that's finer than any germs and bacteria) When you use a damp enviro cloth, it sucks up all the contaminates on your surface deep into the cloth and doesn't release them until you wash them out. You will never cross contaminate surfaces with these cloths, I could wipe up raw chicken juice and then wipe my kids face with out any concern. What makes the Norwex Enviro cloths even more amazing is that they are embedded with micro silver making them naturally 99.9% anti-bacterial. When you are done, just rinse them out hang them up to dry and use them over again! I got rid of 3 boxes of cleaning chemicals from my house including bath products that contain parabens. Norwex has provided me with everything I need to create a truly healthy home, which will lead to a healthier family and a healthier environment!
How incredible is that?! I don't buy into the "party" atmosphere ever. Before learning about Norwex, I cleaned my whole house using only baking soda, vinegar, water and some lemons with whatever rags I had on hand. It never felt unclean, but using chemical cleaning products almost always leaves a residue. With residue leaves surface for protein, where there is protein, bacteria can grow! So I was cleaning and cleaning and cleaning all the time.

If you've been to my home, you know that we have two walls that are mirrors floor-to-ceiling as soon as you walk in (Hello, decorated by an old lady and too much work to remove!). Because I could NEVER get a streak-free clean shine on those mirrors, I stopped cleaning them entirely. I left them for our annual visit from the cleaning ladies so basically every time someone walked into my home, they probably thought we were slobs.

At the first Norwex party I attended, I was skeptical, at best. I was curious but extremely skeptical. Then the consultant showed how these cloths walk the walk. She rubbed butter all over a perfectly clean window. Then, used her damp EnviroCloth followed by the Window Cloth and poof. Completely streak-free. In that moment, I became a believer.

I started by purchasing the "Basic Package" which is an EnviroCloth and a Window Cloth. The mirrors and windows in my home have never looked better!

When we got new appliances a few weeks ago the old fridge had to be cleaned out and the floor under the old stove had 20+ years of grease built up. JUST using my Enviro Cloth and water, I cleaned the entire fridge out and left it to air dry. The next day there was absolutely no smell whatsoever. And the grease under the stove? Same method. Rinsed out my EnviroCloth and started wiping, in less than 5 minutes the floor was completely clean and grease-free!

At the party I won a face cloth. I know how dirty my moist toilettes (filled with chemicals) are at the end of the day - there is a little residue from my foundation on them with a smear of my eyemakeup..and my eyes are left stinging for a few seconds because of whatever I just wiped them with to remove my makeup.

Friday night at 11:30pm I wiped my face with the Norwex face cloth, dampened with water. I had put my makeup on before work at 7:00am so I assumed I would get no foundation and maybe some eye makeup, if I scrubbed.

Can I blow your mind right now?! The face cloth was CAKED with my makeup - probably DAYS worth and in two light swipes all of my waterproof eye makeup was removed. No stinging! No rubbing!

Needless to say, I can't wait until my next order of Norwex products arrive. I will be adding a few more face cloths, some body cloths and other cloths to clean my home with in the mix. Soon, my home will be completely chemical free!

Are you interested in placing an order? Follow this link to shop and enter my name (Jess Bedsole) at checkout before 12/2 to receive your products the week of 12/9.

I am not a "party" person, but I promise these products are worth it. They have made cleaning enjoyable to me, and I even look forward to washing my face!!

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  1. Yes another awesome and useful post :D

    Just ordered some of the facial wash cloths. I'm always looking for better ways to wash my face on the road bc taking all the creams, wet wipes, and toners is always a pain.