Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cleaning with Norwex: Before and After


**Before I start this post, please know that I receive no kickback from Norwex and I am not a consultant. I simply love their products and want to share the word! For more information on Norwex and to contact a consultant near you, click here.**

Since my Norwex order has arrived I have gone a little crazy cleaning. Their products clean so easily and keep things so much cleaner, longer due to no residues left behind, that now instead of my usual "daily" cleanups, I am finding new things in my home to clean! 

This morning before church I started cleaning for a party we're hosting tonight for our Youth Group. I used a kitchen towel dampened with water to wipe off our dining room table, which always feels a little tacky when wet. Wouldn't you know, from using Norwex the table is no longer tacky feeling? I guess it sucked up the years of grease that had unknowingly caked itself on there. Score.

Then I moved into the kitchen to clean off the shelves where we store extra pots/pans and our toaster oven. Once the shelves were done I noticed a little (at the time, I did think, "little") grime on the door of the oven. 

Using the same kitchen cloth still damp with water and a dab of cleaning paste (aka "elbow grease in a jar") I started on the door. I hadn't used my cleaning paste yet, so I was anxious to see how it worked. 

We've had this oven at least 4 years, and I use it multiple times a week to roast chicken thighs, veggies, bake cookies, you name it...and I've never cleaned it until today. (Mom, I can feel you shaming me)

Within a few minutes I was stunned and called Bill in to prove I wasn't hallucinating. Naturally, he told me to stop what I was doing, take a photo where I was and document the remaining cleaning for the blog. 

Friends, these photos have not been manipulated in any way. Feast your eyes on the beauty of green cleaning: 
 As you can see, the left side is "before" and right is "after" - this is after about two or three minutes of cleaning. 
 In less than 15 minutes the entire door was sparkling. I used the kitchen cloth damp with water, cleaning paste, and a window polishing cloth to finish and make it sparkle. 

 Then, I kept going and cleaned the front of the oven (and top, not photographed). 

Amazed?! I AM!!! Bill was concerned about using the paste on the stainless steel, but right on the product description it says, "Environmentally friendly super paste that cleans, polishes and protects chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain and similar surfaces in one application. " 

Because I was on a roll, I continued my cleaning frenzy by wiping and polishing the mirrors in my living room. You know what I used? The same two cloths that I had just used to clean that filthy oven. Those same two dirty, grimy, covered in years of oven grease cloths...except when I flipped to a clean side, it was like I was using brand new cloths. The mirrors were clean in seconds and I still had several clean sides of cloth I could clean anything in the house with.

Want to build a Norwex stash and wondering where to start? Check out this sweet video that explains Norwex in a nutshell:

Wiping down the high chair is easier, cleaning up after cutting raw meat is easier; everything in my home is cleaner now because I don't dread cleaning. These products are so easy to use and completely green. How could you not love that?! Host your own Norwex party to learn what it's all about and receive awesome benefits of being a hostess! I am so glad I did!!!


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