Monday, December 2, 2013

Little Things


My goal for December is to get back to this little corner of the internet. Honest to blog.

They may not be crafty, inspirational, or photo-heavy posts....but they will be posts!

I talk to my mom all day every day about every little thing happening in my life. We are best friends and it is awesome. Lately the topic of our conversation has been appreciating the little things.

Little Thing 1: 
Billy has begun using his pincer reflex and picking up Cheerios one at a time. He can pick them up, put them in his mouth, and if they start to fall out, he pushes them back in. The level of heart swell that happened in my chest when I saw this for the first time over the weekend was an 11.

Little Thing 2: 
My Norwex party was a success and through internet orders I hit the hostess limit for free stuff and discounts...which means I was able to afford their "Blue Sparkle Duo"....which is a toilet cleaning kit. No one should be as excited to clean toilets as I am. Since we spray Billy's diapers in there....yeah. I'll just let you wonder why I'm excited for another second.

Little Thing 3: 
Mom loves to stay at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island every few years with Dad when they get the chance, and today she bought Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Botanical cleaning products and soap, so her whole house and self smell like The Grand Hotel. Aren't nostalgic smells the best?

Little Thing 4: 
Piggy-backing off my mom's "little thing", I am burning "White Christmas" by Yankee Candle in my office. Actually, I have been for the last few weeks. And it is absolutely the smell of Christmas in a candle. Usually I like to buy different scents every year to experience all of them, but this is my new winner. Every year, White Christmas. Thank you, Yankee Candle.

Little Thing 5:
Billy is finally taking a nap in his crib today. After the holiday weekend, his schedule got totally wacked and he's been fighting me on it all day. Thank you, God. That said, I am so so SO inspired and thankful for every mommy on Facebook who shares their experience with me and tells me, "It will get better." I know it will,  but I absolutely will never get sick of hearing it from others. Thank you, mommies!!!!

What little things are you thankful for? 

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  1. These were fun to read!!! I hope you love your toilet cleaner, LOL!