Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year: Better Me


My resolution last year was to keep things the way they were. I finally felt like I had come into myself and loved where my life was. I feel like I did an ok job keeping that resolution the first half of the year, but the second half (READ: WHEN I BECAME A MOM), I stopped thinking of myself and only thought of my son.

Not a bad thing! Until I started questioning who I was and what I stood for.

This year, my resolution is to be better to myself. That's all.

I am starting the year off right thanks to a Christmas gift from Hubs: I get a free latte every day the whole month of January with my sweet tumbler.
This way, every day I have to take 10 minutes to myself. I have to get out of the house, breathe a little fresh air, and enjoy a beautifully free caffeinated beverage. All for me.

Other "me" indulgences I plan to enjoy this year are weekly yoga classes with a friend, mani/pedis as often as I can afford them, and maybe (big maybe) I'll get back on a horse this year. A friend suggested I start trying to ride once a month, then bump it up to every other week, then to once a week if it fits in my schedule.

I have learned the best way for me to be a better mom and be a better version of myself is to take a little time away from my boy. I love him with every ounce of myself, but I appreciate him even more when I step away from home for a few minutes or hours every so often and come back to him.

I hope these things will aid me in being a better wife as well. I tend to be pretty old-fashioned in my view of "wife" – I like cooking, cleaning, caring for our child. However, the reality is that I work full time and I just can't do everything myself. Being better to myself and taking breaks will help me with that little bit called "patience" that so often gets lost in marriage.

What will you do this year to be better? 

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  1. Time away is always needed for sure! I enjoy my little time here and there. Some days I don't get any though LOL. It's okay :)