Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Confessions


I'm obviously World's Worst Blogger, let's just call it how it is. Being a mom + working full time + whatever = I'm the worst. I'll just admit it.

On top of that, there are about seven hundred things a week that happen in which I am too embarrassed to admit other than to my closest friends. Then, I realized, you are my friends too. Why shouldn't you hear the embarrassing confessions I make? Queue a new segment, Friday Confessions. 

I'm calling this "Friday" loosely, because if something happens on a Wednesday I may just get crazy and share it then.

This week several tremendous changes occurred in our world.

1. Tile!
Yesterday and today a crew has been here installing TILE in a small portion of our basement and on the backsplash in our kitchen. I'm elated about that, not embarrassed...but I had to tell you and since I'm already here... well. yeah. So here is an eensy-weensie sneak peek.

2. Diapers.
You all know I am dedicated to cloth diapers. Addicted is probably a better word, actually. Well, after months of battling ammonia build up and now a few weeks of ammonia burns, I had to make the very difficult decision to use disposables for overnights. 

Long story short, I decided experimenting with nighttime solutions that last and don't cause ammonia burns is not fair for Billy because he suffers the pain of not sleeping and the pain of the burns. I suffer by getting up with him every 2-3 hours every night, all night. It is also a tremendous expense to invest in a new round of nighttime cloth diapers, which may not keep him dry the full 12 hours because he is such a heavy wetter. 

So, I painfully bought some disposables this week and he's been in them the last two nights. His burns are healing well now and we will continue to use 100% cotton prefolds during the day, which do not cause burns or rash of any kind on him :) It's those pesky microfiber* inserts that absorb so much at nighttime that we can't seem to get right, so that chapter has closed for us.

I feel like if I didn't tell you then I wouldn't really be being honest because I would be omitting the truth. I love our cloth diapers and it saddens me that we cannot use them 24/7, but Billy's health and comfort comes first. In this case, that means using one disposable diaper per day. I can live with that. Especially if it means that I may get more than 90 minutes of sleep at once. 

*We have been using a BumGenius 4.0 pocket-style diaper stuffed with charcoal bamboo and hemp inserts. Sadly, the combo is the only I found absorbent enough but the charcoal bamboo is partially microfiber so it has caused this mess of headaches for us. 


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