Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nursery Tour: Bold Baby Girl


While I battle the world's longest (and most exhausting) cold and Billy conveniently teethes at the same time (there's not enough caffeine in the world, people) my friend Kelly has graciously allowed us to step into her home and peep her little's nursery. I fell in love with the room the moment I saw it and I have a feeling you will too. Without further adieu, please welcome Kelly, who has a little girl due March 13. 

Hi, I’m a planner.  

I blame being a Virgo or a deep rooted genetic trait …either way it can make for long nights and lofty expectations.

Plus with the advent of sites like Houzz and Pinterest, my inner nature to plan is constantly in a head on collision with my passion for creative and new ways to make people smile.

So amidst the highs and lows of a long 3 year struggle with infertility, a good friend suggested I channel that positive energy into our future bundle’s perfect room. And with that, she had me subscribe to at least a dozen baby store catalogs, magazines, etc…. 

As I half perused them, I stumbled on this Land of Nod “Dot Matrix Rug”. It was colorful, it was fun, it was a cool texture, plus it rejected all the traditional “nursery” themes and concepts…this rug was special, just like I knew our baby would be. And from that moment forward, the planning was on! I ripped out pics, pinned like a mad women, and made a “Nursery” envelope to store all the ideas swimming in my head. 

And when our time finally arrived, I went right to the Land of Nod website. Armed with a credit card to spend whatever it took to get the rug….Dot Matrix….no longer available! Thankfully Etsy dug up a matching round version (of course it had to come from the other side of the world, but it was worth it).
From there, I spilled out the envelopes contents and (with happy tears) pieced together baby’s dream bedroom.

1st we painted ¾ of the way up the walls a neutral gray tone, installed a solid chair rail, and then choose a slightly not white for the rest. This created the perfect space for a colorful mobile and vibrant alphabet wall decals. Plus with the white up high, we knew we were partially safe from a future of sticky handprints and Crayola art surprises.  

Hubs topped it off with a gorgeous crown molding, which eliminated any illusion of the room being “cut off” from the two tone walls. Sadly, he had no idea it was just the start of several projects… additional closet shelves, shelf/curtain rod combo to display any items which should be kept out of reach, and a book library (strong enough to double as a climbing wall…just in case).

I also kindly requested the assistance of my endlessly creative Dad to paint two (2) colorful masterpieces. (Family tradition… my dad painted in mine, my brother’s, and EVERY cousin’s nurseries).  He even hid a secret message in the one with the bears!

Lastly, when it was announced we were team pink… pink curtains and polka dot sheets were ordered. [Note: I know there are no such things are “girl” and “boy” colors, and while this plan is certainly on track to be utilized for future babies, my mother was adamant her 1st granddaughter be surrounded by the color.]

Whew! At this point, my brain had far succumb to prego mush and my adorable hubs was threatening to burn all his tools (just kidding, he was nesting too). So we tossed up some final touches and invited our photographer over for a maternity session. The results… well please feel free to judge for yourselves, but we are pretty sure it is the most magical and wonderful room in our home. We hope Baby loves it too :) 

Room Info:
Paint: Behr Fashion Gray & Behr Bleached Linen
Alphabet Wall Art: http://us.mamasandpapas.com/ 
Window Bench Cover: Made with love by my cousin Mary & my Mom (fabric from Hobby Lobby)
Dresser & Recliner/Glider Chair: Hemnes and Vreta from Ikea


  1. Hey Jess - I'm thinking of purchasing the Mother Hubbard Jack and Jill crib collection and came across your blog. Your nursery pic above looks stunning. What color did you purchase? (e.g. Charcoal or Espresso)???

    1. Thanks for reading! This crib is espresso but if you're in between colors and not sure which to pick, the company does send samples. Happy shopping!!