Thursday, March 13, 2014

Checking In: Lent


Last week I shared my thoughts on Lent and I wanted to check in to tell you how it's going...
Did you know you're healthier when you're happy? And thinner? And better looking?!? OKAY, I can't actually guarantee that any one of those is true, but since I have decided to embrace happiness and love and abolish anger I have turned a corner.

I feel healthier. I crave healthier foods. I rock cute clothes every day, even when I am just sitting in my office pecking away at the computer for the entire day. I feel like a total hot mama. I have more energy (but not until after 10am, if I'm being honest).

Apparently, I hadn't realized that negativity had crept it's way into my brain and made a cozy little home. My attitude was becoming much more "half empty" than "half full".

I will admit, less gets done at home when I don't stress about what to do next. I have been doing much less laundry, and our bathrooms are starting to weep because I haven't cleaned them. But do you know who cares? NOT ME!  And it feels spectacular.

I am still cooking almost every night and I've pushed Billy's bedtime back to 7:30 because it gives me more time to relax and do some house work while he can spend quality time with Hubs. Win/Win!!

I did have an "episode" (read: meltdown) on Tuesday because Billy NEEDED to pull my new floor lamp on top of himself and nearly break it. It was resolved by him taking a nap, me emailing Hubs to vent, and much deep breathing.

Seeing the silver lining again sure is fun.

What do you do to keep a smile on? 

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  1. You make me want to be a more grateful, relaxed, and happy person! I always worry about the dumbest things and I find that if I take 1 min to step back and think about why I am worrying about this one thing I usually realize that it's silly and ridiculous to worry about then bam my stress is gone! I need to do that more often :)