Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crafty Sunday


This Sunday I spent a little time solo in the studio creating cards - one of my favorite past times.

Some of the cards I made were for birthdays....first birthdays....of Billy's friends. BILLY IS TURNING ONE YEAR OLD WHAT HAPPENED?!?!!? I swear I just blinked and he was a newborn. Oye!

I love showing my workspace in all of its messy glory. I don't know how interesting it is to the rest of you, but check out all that fun stuff?! It just makes me want to take it all out and make these cards again.

I used some embossing plates and embossing envelopes to give each balloon a little something special. Plus these cards wouldn't be complete without a little bakers twine, some washi and my current favorite alphabet of wooden stamps. I also used one of my Christmas gifts from my mom - an entire collection of Stampin' Up stamp pads! If you love to stamp, check out Stampin' Up. Their inks are incredible quality!! I am sold for life.

 With the same alphabet stamps, I migrated into creating a congratulatory card for a very special little lady who joined the world over the weekend. Hi Emma!!

 Finally, we have a second birthday party to go to this weekend so I wanted to make a bright and fun card for a two year old little boy. I think it turned out so cute! I used embossing plates on the green paper, a little washi, some stamps and a fun little star embellishment.
 Billy has his own stamp that he signs cards with, since he can't quite write his name yet :) Isn't it sweet?
Has spring inspired you to get creative too? 


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