Monday, March 24, 2014

Generosity Surrounds Us


Remember on Thursday when I thought, "Hmm maybe it's time for a giveaway?"
Well you, darlings, are in for a serious treat in April. Maybe into May also....because so far I have NINE confirmed vendors who will be submitting posts and products to give away to YOU loyal readers!

At the end of this big line of awesome giveaways I will be giving away my favorite diaper bag filled with items from every vendor who participated along the way.

Sound exciting, or what?! If you want "in", just email me! I'm sure we can fit you into the lineup! I had no idea there were so many friends out there who would be interested in this blog party, but you guys sure are lucky!! Watch April 1 for the kickoff, it's going to feature a room all of your Pinterest boards will beg for.


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