Monday, March 3, 2014

The Studio Has New Carpet!!


Well, the studio/playroom project got another layer today: Carpet!! 

 Billy immediately broke it in by crawling laps around the two rooms as fast as he could. So fast, he was panting. Have you ever seen a baby pant? It. Is. Hilarious.

We are one step closer to being "Done" down here!! I have been looking at some more storage options for my craft materials and I think maybe a trip to IKEA is in order this week... Here are some of my inspiration images:
This will make more sense once you see the finished space...

That probably seems like a very eclectic collection of inspiration rooms, but when it's all together the way I am imagining it will be beautiful, I just know it. 

I've had so much fun finishing this project! Maybe tomorrow I'll share final kitchen update photos with you ;) 


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