Thursday, April 3, 2014

GIVEAWAY 2: Silver Pumpkin Designs


You thought the Thirty-One giveaway was awesome? It ends tomorrow, but this awesome giveaway starts TODAY! Everyone, meet Joni and her design company Silver Pumpkin Designs. 

Hi everyone! I'm Joni, one of the co-creators of Silver Pumpkin Designs

I'm sure everyone has heard the motto, if you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life! That statement couldn't be more true; my job is truly a labor of love. From wedding invites, save the dates, shower invites, birth announcements, birthday invites, favor tags, cupcake tags, candy bar wrappers, you name it, I can create it! I whole heartedly believe events are more memorable when attention is paid to the small details that make them unique. With the help of Etsy I've been able to reach more customers and design for many different events. I love being able to make other peoples visions come to life! If you're planning a shower, birthday party or getting married, look no further than Silver Pumpkin Designs! We'll be sure to make your special day is even more memorable!  

I'm so thrilled Jess asked me to be a guest blogger!! I've known Jess since college and being able to watch her family grow, view her house renovations and enjoying her overall outspokenness through her blog has been not only entertaining but inspiring. 

In celebration of me being able to share my work to Jess's followers I've decided to create these adorable Spring inspired wine glasses, the lucky winner will receive all 4! I've created these for brunches, showers and a bachelorette parties and they've always been a big hit! These glasses are sealed and recommended they be hand washed only. They'll soon be added as an item in my Etsy store

Thanks again Jess for this opportunity and I hope you all take a moment to visit my Facebook page or Etsy store
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  1. Those are supe cute glasses!!! and guest will know which glass is their's!!!!

  2. I will use these after baby boy is born! ;) They are SUPER cute!

  3. I like these. great gift idea!