Tuesday, April 8, 2014

GIVEAWAY 3: Blueberry Circus


The awesome thing about this giveaway is a few weeks ago, I would have laughed if you told me it were true. Sara was a good friend of mine from my family's summer home in Cheboygan, Michigan and I haven't talked to her in TWELVE YEARS! She just found me on Facebook in the last few weeks and I'm thrilled she's able to join us this month with an awesome giveaway of her fun products! 

Hi Everyone! ☺My name is Sara and I am the owner/designer of an accessory line I’ve named Blueberry Circus. It’s comprised of a fun assortment of hair ties, hair pins, rings, and earrings created out of buttons I cover with fabric. I try to incorporate a variety of fun and funky fabric styles to match any personality. 

I started making accessories as an outlet for my creativity. The 9-5 grind was getting a little dull and I wanted, well I should say needed, to start doing something that I enjoyed. I have always loved creating jewelry for myself, but I struggled to find something that I felt that I could market and sell as a product. I discovered the idea to make fabric button earrings while browsing Pinterest and I got the supplies to make a few pairs for myself and friends. They were a hit!  Since then I’ve expanded to making hair ties, hair pins, and rings. My accessories are so much fun to create and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do. ☺ 

For my giveaway you will win a large button hair tie with a flower pattern and a set of leopard print earrings. 

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  1. I love Sara's stuff and love to accessorize.

  2. Darn!!! Brookelynn would have loved this one not sure how I missed it :(

  3. If your interested send me an email blueberrycircusaccessories@gmail.com :)