Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giveaway 5: Nski Beauty


Okay, we've had a great bag, some wine glasses, adorable accessories and some crafty stamps...how about a little somethin' else to make you feel fancy?? 

Hello darlings! I'm Ann Marie and I'm the face of Nski Beauty
One thing I believe strongly in is pampering yourself whenever you can. Something its as simple as a richly scented lotion, a new pair of shoes or even a fresh manicure can make your week! A fresh manicure always makes me feel so girly and put together. 

Now, not everyone can afford a trip to a salon every week but it's easy to give your self one right from the comfort of your own home! I do it every Sunday. Not only does it give me time to relax and think but I also have amazing looking nails after that help me carry on through the week.

So what perfect items to give away then the things that can bring you inner peace and make you feel utterly girly at the same time? Your goodie bag comes equipped with a travel size nail polish remover, nail file, a moisturizing lotion, two pastel nail polishes and an eye shadow brush to clean up your cuticles for a clean and fresh manicure!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you win you could create like this sweet Easter ombre featured on Nski Beauty!


  1. Polish colors are adorable! I love to relax by going on a long walk with my dog on warm days :)

  2. I love the polish, perfect for Spring!!

  3. My relaxing... zoning for the half hour between the bed times :)

  4. I like to do my nails and take bubble baths. :)