Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take A Step Back


Growing up, I was a competitive equestrian. It is an expensive sport, and my parents couldn't afford to buy me the best horses, so my mom taught me early on to appreciate what I have. My parents worked very hard to give me everything they could to support my passion and the lesson still sticks with me today. My mom always said, "There will always be someone prettier, with a more expensive horse, a nicer trailer who can go to more horse shows than you can. Learn to enjoy what you have."

I have chosen the life I live and I love it. I have friends who travel the world and teach children in other countries. I have family who travels the world for work, visiting new states and countries every day or every week and it's all they've ever wanted to do. Me? I chose to work a desk job, live in the suburbs, be married and have children.

And then there's this guy:

Which...seriously, what person could watch that and not think, "Damnnnnn. I should have done THAT with my life!"

But then I take a step back and look around me.
I could choose to see the mess, or I could choose to see how blessed we are with family that loves us and spoils this perfect, precious little boy. That boy whom I nurtured and grew in my body and gave birth to. Who I get to spend all day every day with. Who I am currently listening to as he teaches himself the "Guh" sound.

Right now there are about 5 different musical toys playing songs all at once. The washing machine is so noisy I can hardly hear myself think and although I just cleaned two days ago, more surfaces than I am willing to admit are covered in a fine layer of cat hair.

I could see those negatives, or I could see that we live in a beautiful, now fully updated home. We always have clean clothes to wear. We share our lives with healthy, happy animals.

My sink is full of dirty dishes, because we are able to buy and cook food.

While it is important to have goals, dreams and aspirations, I think it is equally as important to take a step back and think "What I have is awesome too" rather than, "I wish I had what she has". The grass isn't always greener.

Love the life you chose to live. If you don't, then change it. You control your happiness.