Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Little This Or That


I haven't blogged in two weeks?!!? Shhhiii..... SORRY!

I've been so busy! And on vacation! How is it that I leave for 4 days and it takes me a week to clean my house....from no one being here? How does that happen? Every day I've been taking time to organize one corner or another and clean the floors and fold the laundry. Wait, that last part is a lie. I have three loads of clean clothes just wrinkling their way into oblivion right now.

This is my last two weeks in photos:

We went on a road trip from Chicago to Cleveland to Pittsburgh. First trip ever without Billy!! I was a wreck. In Cleveland we ate at Michael Symon's Lola - a bucket list restaurant of ours. It was amazing.

In Pittsburgh we went to the Phipps Conservatory which made me learn that I LOVE conservatories! Who knew? Flowers are pretty!! And surprisingly not boring. 
 Saw some Chihuly glass. Beautiful
 Yellow roses, my fave.
 Went to a sweet art festival and walked down to the river. It was a billion degrees at least, so we cooled off by dipping our toes in this beautiful fountain.
 Flat Jesus came with us to the Cubs/Pirates game at PNC Park!
Then when we got home I continued sewing - this time, water slings!  I didn't have a fabric marker so I used washi tape. That stuff works for everything.
Look! Our finished sling! And me in a new swimsuit! I only tried on 400 to find ONE that I didn't hate. Hooray!
Also, I just tried my first set of Jamberry nails. Queue addiction. Yes they are ombre and yes they are easy. Even better?? There is NO DRY TIME. So I went immediately from putting them on to doing the dishes. Hallelujah. I'm on day 5 now and they still look brand new.
And some other cute stuff happened like Bill decided to steal the ring sling and wear Billy. Adorable. This is his "I don't want to be on the blog" face. Sorry, Babe! 
 Billy and I have enjoyed many trips to the park.
 And done some yoga.
And we can't forget this weekend we celebrated Dad aka Papa. This coming weekend we celebrate Grandpa!
We've been busy and we've had fun and that's what summer is all about :) Just livin' the dream!


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