Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Ring Sling!


Okay, I have to start this post out by admitting to you all that I am a cheater. I've been using Facebook on my phone through the mobile browser. GAH!!! I am such an addict it's unbelievable. I promised to "Walk the Walk" and I'm totally failing. BUT, it's for good reason, I swear. (Excuses, excuses. I know.) 

Last night a friend and I made our own ring slings!! We used the tutorials from Sleeping Baby Productions and had a ball!

First, I signed up for emails (for clearance alerts) on and got this sweet linen for about $5/yard!

The rings are from - I bought two pair of bronze and two pair of silver for Lauren and I. I thought the bronze would accent that warm olive linen well. 

Then I had to wash the fabric and wear it a bit to break it in. 
Followed by ironing it....foreverrrrrrrr. Ironing 5 yards of linen that has been washed, dried, crumpled and worn was not my favorite thing. 
BUT! Then came time to cut the fabric down to size and try it on. It fit!
Following the video tutorials very closely, we sewed our slings with two different shoulder styles. We used the "Eesti" shoulder style and a simple gathered. I didn't take any in-progress photos (bad blogger) but here are both finished slings I sewed! 

Eesti shoulder (a hybrid of a pleated shoulder and a gathered shoulder. Less labor intensive than an all-pleated shoulder):

 Gathered shoulder:

After posting these photos to my thread on the Babywearing DIY and Advice group on Facebook the woman who created the video tutorials and owner/operator of Sleeping Baby Productions commented!!!!!! And gave me a great suggestion for how to wear my slings more comfortably. HENSE why I was Facebooking on my phone. 
And then I freaked out. 

I can't wait to use these slings when I have to run into the store for something, shop at garage sales to keep Billy in one place, or around the house when he simply won't be put down. I have loved my Ergo Performance and Baby K'tan Breeze but I think these ring slings are a wonderful addition to my babywearing "wardrobe". 

Do you babywear? 


  1. LOL! Your sewing looks great -- happy babywearing!

  2. That looks great! I often say that they should be handed out to every new mother when they leave the hospital. I'd be lost with out my mine! Both of my girls lived in my Hotsling. I've used it with every baby/toddler that I have ever sat for since having my own children.