Monday, June 30, 2014

Marble Salt Dough


Hi! I'm here! Shocking, I know. Summer is just too magical of a time. When we have a moment to spare, we spend it outside! Therefore minimal blogging is the result. Sorry, but I'm not that sorry :)

Since someone in this house who's name starts with B and ends in ILLY loves to wake up at the crack of dawn most days, we have lots of time to play before I have to get to work for the day. Last week, I decided we would play with salt dough at 6am. Because why not?!

To make the salt dough I used the same recipe as I did when I made salt dough ornaments:
2C flour
1C salt
1C cold water

I mixed all of the ingredients together to form the dough, broke it out into four chunks, then added a few drops of food coloring to each chunk and kneaded it in. The result was a fun, marble effect. Billy loved it!

I put it out with some little bowls and rolled some pieces of the dough into balls so he could squish and plop them in the bowls...instead, the bowls became the play thing.

 And then the bowls went into the bucket....
 And then Billy went into the bucket :)

We've taken the dough out a few times since (I have it stored in air-tight containers and it's still good as new). Billy is just reaching the age where not EVERYTHING goes into his mouth, but some things definitely 'need' to go in his mouth. Some days, the dough NEEDS to go in his mouth. Then he makes a face at me like, "Why'd you let me do that?!"

Always stay nearby and pay close attention with your toddlers during sensory play :) It's fun, messy and sometimes needs to be nibbled.

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