Monday, September 22, 2014

Meal Plan: Sept 22-26


I know, I know. TWO blog posts in one day. WHAT has gotten into me!? Well, I've been wanting to post my meal plan every week since I make one and thought maybe someone here could benefit from it! And if not? That's okay too. I love sharing regardless.

Most recipes I make can be found either in the "Recipes We'd Like to Try" board on my Pinterest page or the "Keeper Recipes" board. Otherwise it's just random stuff I make regularly. If something sounds tasty and doesn't have a link, please comment below and I will update the post with instructions!

Monday: Chicken Florentine Casserole (Keeper Recipes)

Tuesday: Baked chicken tenders, siracha orange green beans, roasted red potatoes. Update: The green beans were moved to my 'keeper' board because Hubs LOVED them. I will definitely keep them in the rotation for him, but they were slightly too spicy for me and way too spicy for LW. 

Wednesday: Every other Wednesday my friend makes us dinner, and every other Thursday I make her family dinner, so one night a week we each get the night 'off' but still get a home-cooked meal in our bellies! It works so well, I love it! This week she's making us baked ravioli. YUM. 

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Oven tacos  Update: From now on I will follow this recipe for the filling, but skip the baking process entirely. The filling is sinfully delicious and the baking just made the shells chewy....freezing and thawing made them downright soggy. Still satisfying but kind of a bummer this time around. 


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