Thursday, September 11, 2014

Taking Stock


The move put me into a spiral and more than several times a day I say out loud, "I am actually losing my I am. This time I am losing it." Which is typically out loud only to myself, or to Princess. She always gazes back in understanding. 

Along Abbey Road just shared this wonderful piece and it instantly inspired me to do the same. I have so many things going on that I don't even know where or what to share with you. So here it is. I'm taking stock (since I was just making stock. ha! ha! HA!!) 

Making: Ring last two. Forever. (okay, until I have a pregnant friend in need of one)
Cooking: Fall-y things. Stocks, squash, roasting things, chili. 
Drinking: Tea. I've been into spicy teas lately. Orange spice and chai. 
Reading: Nothing. I've been craving to read for weeks - maybe months now. I started The Fault In Our Stars for a second time and got about 70 pages in in one night....and haven't picked it back up because I feel like by the time my behind hits the couch I'm mentally tuned out. Bill holds whole conversations with himself and I am just sucked into the black hole that is my iPhone. Someone needs to take that thing away from me. It's a problem.  
Wanting: Our house to sell. We're living in the new one, but the old one hasn't sold and it's starting to weigh on me (and it hasn't even been a week). 
Looking: For everything. Like Abbey says, there is a black hole following her... There is one following me too. I was in such a stressed tizzy through the pack up/move out phase that I don't know where I packed, moved or unpacked certain things. It's like all of moving was an out-of-body experience for me. I'm exhausted from constantly wondering which house to drive to or where do I store the oatmeal now. 
Playing: A lot of Amazon Prime Playlists. Specifically, "Classical for Yoga", "Indie Pop Commute" (Carried Away by Passion Pit is my current jam) and obviously the instrumental tracks from Frozen. I may or may not have listened to Vuelie (feat. Cantus) on repeat today. 
Wasting: so much time LOOKING FOR STUFF. Ugh. 
Sewing: ring slings! And hopefully little boy cloth diaper pants soon. My goal is to wrap my head around garment sewing, starting with tiny pants for my tiny dude. 
Wishing: I had a doughnut. 
Enjoying: Quiet work time during naps lately when it's just me, my music, my tea and Illustrator. Mmm. It feels good to design again sometimes. 
Waiting: For an answer. 
Liking: Our new neighborhood. It's mostly old people, but they are SO happy to have a young family around. Everyone goes out of their way to wave or stop by to say hello. It's so adorable.
Wondering: If music class next week will be better. Tonight Billy started the next level up in Kindermusik and most of the other kids are way older. I miss our baby class :( 
Loving: That I can wear scarves and boots again. Not even mid-September but I will take it!!
Considering: Making pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Because Fall. 
Hoping: I fall instantly asleep and when I open my eyes, it's morning. Those nights of sleep are the best. 
Marveling: at how Princess learned her Invisible Fence so quickly. It seemed so grim and then she just learned! So quickly. 
Needing: to go to bed. It's freakin' LATE.
Smelling: Leftovers that we still haven't put away from dinner. Ham and roasted butternut squash w/ cinnamon and nutmeg. 
Wearing: Jammies.
Following: TheBabyGuyNYC a lot lately. The ABC Kids Expo roped me in pretty hard. I am in zero need of baby stuff and here I am, stalking it. I just can't get enough sometimes.
Noticing: I spend too much money on pointless things. Time to cut back. 
Knowing: Tomorrow is another day. It all starts over, fresh and new. A whole new day to explore, adventure, accomplish and produce greatness. 
Thinking: That seems ambitious. ^^
Buying: NOTHING! Time to cut back. Christmas will be here before we know it. 
Feeling: Unsure. I don't even know about what...THAT is how unsure I am. 
Bookmarking: Squash recipes. I just want to eat all the squash. Ever. 
Opening: every drawer and cabinet in search of something I still can't find. Dang. 
Giggling: At Billy answering every question with an honest, "No." and head shake lately. Kid cracks me up. 

So, that's where I am lately. 


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