Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I Feed My Kid


Hello! You may have seen on my Facebook page that I have joined a few other mamas in a fun new endeavor on Instagram called "What I Feed My Kid".

We are all sharing what we feed our kids through photos in hopes to inspire other mamas who may be in a rut with their meals! Here are a few of the fun things we've shared so far:  
Healthier twice baked potatoes. Red potatoes stuffed with potato, cauliflower mash, a little bit of butter, plain Greek yogurt, cheddar cheese, cauliflower and broccoli florets.

Indian food last night for this 17 month old toddler. Naan, hummus, quinoa, lentils and chicken saag. He loved dipping the naan into everything! When in doubt, dip

Big lunch today for this growing toddler! Whole fat cottage cheese, spinach cake with ranch to dip, potato casserole, apples and blackberries. Mmm! 

LO is having whole wheat French toast with cinnamon sweet potato spread on top and a side of green grapes and Mandarin oranges.
And of course, we like to share meals and snacks that inspire us!
Featuring @foodfitforkids ðŸ˜€Looked delicious and I thought you all might think so too! Celery, almond butter and trail mix. What's not to love!?!
If you want to share your healthy meal/snack ideas with us and be featured just use #whatifeedmykid or #wifmk! 

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  1. Does your kid eat all of this? To be honest, I'm having a problem with my little child - he refuses to eat, and I worry about his appetite and don't know how to make sure he gets all the useful nutrients he needs. Contact me at website if you have any ideas!