Monday, November 10, 2014

New Parents Care Package


Whenever close friends or relatives have babies I like to deliver a simple meal the family can enjoy for a few days. When the new family isn't close enough to drop off a meal, a friend of mine gave me the idea to send a care package for the new family.
Most recently I became an aunt and my niece lives in Arizona! Obviously I couldn't ship a crock pot meal or stack of pancakes that far, so I sent a simple care package the whole family would enjoy.

1) For Mommy & Daddy: Pink Norwex EnviroCloth I clean almost exclusively with Norwex products, and every parent needs at least one EnviroCloth to have on hand. A damp EC can clean every mess - ESPECIALLY high chair messes!
2) For Mommy: Aromatherapy Mineral Bath when you're a new mom it's so hard to take time for yourself, but after what your body just went through in giving birth it is so important to take that time to heal! I love aromatherapy baths.
3) For Baby: California Baby Calming Cream Everyone has their own idea of what "baby" smells like and to me, it's "Calming" by Cali Baby.
4) For Daddy (or Mommy): Dark Chocolate A little sweetness goes a long way to help me step back for a minute and remember life is wonderful. Early parenthood can be so stressful and overwhelming,  a square of this is a nice little reminder that life is sweet :)
5) For Doggie: Squeak Toy Don't forget the pets! If the new parents you're sending a package to have a four-legged friend or two, be sure to include something for them in the package. Their lives just changed dramatically too, you know!

What do you send or give to new parents?


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