Monday, December 22, 2014

On Toddler Naps


Everyone says "Having a newborn is so hard" and "Being a mom is exhausting". While - both of those things are completely true, for me nothing can compare to having a toddler and being pregnant. The level of tired, moody, and frustrated both LW and I get in the frame of one day is frankly overwhelming.

NEWBORNS are frustrating because they cannot communicate whatsoever, or understand you, or clue you in to what the F is worth screaming about for hours...and hours....and hours.

TODDLERS are frustrating because they CAN somewhat communicate, listen, and understand...they just frequently choose not to.

LW isn't a huge verbal communicator yet (a post for another day), so that is one of our points of frustration.

I am 14 weeks pregnant and simply put: I fall asleep anywhere. I can be in the middle of watching a show with him and BAM. I wake up 20 minutes later. Just like that. (Really good parenting, I know).

While we started solids at 6 months via baby led weaning and LOVED it, toddlers have opinions about everything and foods LW loved this morning he hates this afternoon.

All of that said, nothing is as frustrating as the nap time battles.

Because he was climbing out of his crib on a regular basis (with the mattress placed flat on the floor) we had to switch him into a toddler bed. This makes what should be nap time actually "party time" in his bedroom. I have tried every song and dance, and the kid will not fall asleep willingly anymore on his own. Instead, he just runs laps around his bedroom.

So, we are back to newborn days. I have to rock him to sleep and read to him and give him warm tea (which commonly results in my own falling asleep and waking up startling because I feel myself dropping him) OR, (most commonly) the rocking/warm tea/reading regimen fails and I need to take him for a ride in the car.

The beauty of the car trick, albeit "cheating" McDonald's is the perfect distance from our home to put him to sleep. So, by the time I get to the drive-thru, I can order myself an ice cream cone and he's asleep so he's none-the-wiser!

But, if he doesn't fall asleep, at least I got an ice cream cone and 15 minutes without having to chase him around :-)

Typically he will sleep 2-3 hours after our car trip so it's worth it :)

What are your nap time tricks?

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  1. Ugh, I feel you on the nap time battles while pregnant. I'm 30 weeks and could fall asleep anywhere these days too! I wish I had some advice, but I'm just struggling through it as much as you are. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you soon!