Monday, December 22, 2014

Pregnancy: 14 Week Update


With LW, I didn't do any pregnancy updates, and I wish I would have. I simply blogged all while I was pregnant. This time around I hope to document things a little more clearly (so backwards for a typical second child, I know!) 

How far along?  14 

Size of Baby:  Lemon! That seems huge already. Holy guacamole this pregnancy is flying.

Weight Gain:  Since my first appointment at 6 weeks, I've lost three pounds. CELEBRATING. Because with LW it was sooooo the opposite.  

Nursery:  The walls are already yellow, so we are keeping them. I plan to buy navy window treatments. Crib will be LW's, when we switch him to the twin bed. My current thought is to make the nursery "moon" themed. These are some of my favorite pins lately: 

I am planning to refinish a dresser for this baby as I did for LW. I am hoping to find one that is 'double wide' like this and refinish it in navy w/ antique brass accents. The window treatments will also be hung on antique brass hardware. 
As I mentioned in the gender reveal post, this baby is named. I'm still undecided if I will share his name on the blog or not...but for now let's all just call him Mo. I would like to do an art project for his name like I did for LW, but a little different this time. Something like this would be a blast (all in navy?):
Movement:  Every so often I will feel tiny flutters/tickles from him. Nothing consistent yet. 

Symptoms:  TIRED. Oh goodness gracious am I tired. 

Cravings:  Last week it was broccoli, every day, roasted with salt and olive oil. Now I'm into the routine of getting a McDonald's ice cream cone every day so when I don't get it I definitely crave one. I will keep up with the broccoli as my mid-afternoon snack though because I know all those vitamins only help us all during flu season!! Especially since LW loves to snack on it too. I'll do anything to keep the veggies going.

Looking forward to:  Nursing and babywearing again. I'm already drooling at the thought of splurging on a Tula for this baby. Specifically, this one: 


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