Monday, December 29, 2014

Pregnancy: 15 Week Update


The last few days I felt like for a minute my tummy disappeared, but my appetite did as well so I'm sure the two are related. I just took this photo before starting this post, so my tummy and appetite are both clearly back, as you can see.
How far along?  15 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Apple. turn makes me feel morbid every time I bite into an apple this week. Anyone else have that feeling!? 

Weight Gain:  No idea. I don't weigh myself at home, only when I go in, so I won't know any more weight gain until 18 weeks :P  

Nursery:  Yesterday I bought a pile of things for LW's room but the longer I stare at them...they may transition into being for Mo's room. Decisions, decisions. I'll have to have Hubs model them for me in each room before I make a decision. 

I do think I've decided to use an IKEA Raskog cart for diapers in Mo's nursery, like this one but in grey:
LW will still be in OS diapers but Mo should be in NB diapers for a while, so I can just move all of the NB/Size 1's to this sweet little cart and when LW is potty trained I'll move the whole Antonius system over with the OS diapers.

Movement:  He scared me over the weekend and I wasn't feeling anything, but I think I was so busy with the holiday I just hadn't noticed. The last day or two he's been a dancing fool depending on what I'm up to. Still nothing completely consistent like when I eat X or do yoga or whatever, but I definitely feel him whirling and twirling in there. 

Symptoms:  I vomited for the first time Saturday morning :( I only ate a banana with my prenatal at 8:30am, then forgot to eat again until after 10 and it was too late. Everything I shoveled down came right back up. I'm being much more conscious now about eating every hour or two and just today is the first time Mo has been telling me "I'm hungry!" Usually it's "Oh sh*t I'm nauseous and that means Mo is starving" 

Cravings:  Nothing really this week. Since I haven't been hungry lately I haven't been craving anything. Just today I ate about 6 peanut butter kiss cookies though and they really hit the spot! 

Looking forward to: Snuggling him. Last night I watched Breastmilk on Netflix and it stirred up a lot of feelings I have about breastfeeding (mainly: how I am itching to nurse again). Then I started "Call the Midwife" and seeing all those labors and deliveries are making me excited for the end result, snuggling my baby boy. 

Things I can't get off my mind: This section is new because I tend to obsess, and I think maybe it will be interesting to look back and see what I obsessed over throughout this pregnancy :) 

I started a registry for Mo. Not because I am asking for gifts, but because I keep thinking of things that we will need to purchase for his arrival and I don't want to wait and buy it all at once. I think keeping it all in one place via a registry will keep me organized and as I go to the store and have a coupon, I can pick up an item here or there and just delete it from the registry. Then, at the end, the things I can't buy in stores with coupons at least I can take advantage of the Amazon 10% off registry completion with free shipping!

A few things on the registry are there because I wish we'd had them for LW. Like: really nice, velcro swaddles in tiny sizes. We only had one for LW and I felt like we were always looking for it but it was dirty because we'd just used it. For Mo I hope to have several of the velcro ones instead of just using a muslin blanket because they are just so much easier. 

Another upgrade is a nice nursing dress

I did the 'double shirt method' with LW and it worked fine, but I'd love to have one or two dresses and tops made for nursing. I don't plan on nursing Mo with a cover since after a few months I stopped using one with LW, so discreet nursing clothes would be really wonderful. Maybe I'll even splurge and get a set of nursing jammies or tanks

Most other things are on the registry because we use(d) them for LW and love(d) them. Like MAM pacifiers, Booginhead paci clips, Planet Wise diaper pail liners and a Combi Coccoro convertible seat. 

Our Medela bottles will be used again, but need new nipples and I'm planning to get the same cheap humidifier we have for LW so at least we don't need to buy two types of filters to have on hand. 

The big ticket item we will need, that I will not compromise on, but WILL most likely buy used, is our double stroller. We've test driven loads of them and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is our pick. I am not picky on color, but if we end up buying new, I think I may go with this sporty red:
Finally, I added a few Lil Joey print diapers on there too because hey, newborns poop a lot :-) Soooo....that justifies more newborn diapers....right Hubs?! Plus, Mo will be a summer baby. That means his diaper will be his outfit all the time! 

In the middle of the night when I have to change a diaper and don't want to think about fastening a Snappi, AIO diapers are a beautiful thing and for little bitty butts those Lil Joey diapers are THE CUTEST (and, I found, most absorbent). 

What were your favorite newborn goodies? 


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