Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Toddler Big Boy Room Inspiration


A fun thing about having another baby is being able to hand down some of my favorite pieces LW got to use and recycle them for Mo.

For starters, Rosie the chair will be moving into Mo's room, because it is the most magical glider for nursing that ever was. I am thrilled it has held up to night after night of rocking and day after day of nap time storytelling.

However...that means that we will need to find a new recliner for LW's room. No idea where to start with that one. We've been stalking our local Macy's furniture outlet (our favorite place for a bargain) but haven't found a recliner we love yet for LW's room.

LW will also be giving his crib to Mo and graduating to a twin bed soon...which means I'm hunting for a twin bed idea for LW. Another item on my "I have no ideas yet" list.

With all of these changes, I decided there is no time like the present to start brainstorming for his "big boy" room. That means I get to mentally design two rooms at once! PARTY! Here are some of my current ideas...

1. No way around it, the room needs some bookshelves. As soon as LW wakes up in the morning, he runs to a sad pile of books we keep on the floor *shame* and starts 'reading'. I want to do some of the 'gutter' style floating bookshelves and found this tutorial for Hubs.

2. I want to add a table and chairs in there for him, ideally with a rug and some fun accents. This nook I absolutely love. 
My goal is to keep his room teals, blues and greens and greys. This rug would be perfect
3. I am a sucker for a graphic punch, so doing something simple like one of these as an accent on a wall somewhere would be really fun.
That's it! As I brainstorm more and find new ideas, you'll see them on this Pinterest board


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