Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pregnancy: 17 Week Update


How far along? 17 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Turnip. A random vegetable that I don't need to worry about eating. Finally. 

Weight Gain: Weigh in is Tuesday! We'll see :) But I still feel like I haven't gained a lot. 

Nursery:  Absolutely nada. I can't even think about it lately, I have been so overwhelmingly busy with work. I was up at 5am today worrying about work....and I told myself "Think about something for YOU. Think about something for the nursery! THINK ABOUT HAPPY THINGS" and I couldn't do it. I've hit a block with the nursery. That's okay. It will be done eventually.

Movement: I am starting to feel real bumps and wiggles and kicks! Finally! Only one or two a day for now, but it's definitely there. So exciting! 

Symptoms: I've been having a little cramping the last few days. I have a feeling it's related to all the stress I'm putting on myself elsewhere in my life. I'm doing the best I can to stay relaxed and happy for baby's sake. It's not working out the best, but it's all I can do. 

I did just receive the Jamberry Indulgence Hand Care line tonight so I had my own little hand-spa as a relaxation treat. My hands feel magnificent! Completely worth the splurge. 

Cravings: Chocolate cake, which is convenient since my MIL made one this week and sent it home with me today when I picked up LW. I was so excited I cut off a hunk for myself and mowed it down before dinner. There is no frosting, so that means there are practically no calories in it. Right?

Looking forward to: My friend's shower. So many friends are having babies in the next few weeks and months and I am hosting a shower for one of them in our new home. It will be a lot of my great friends from college so I can't wait to reunite with all of them and show them our home :) Not to mention celebrate my friend's precious baby boy! I have five pregnant friends right now who all are planning to cloth diaper. I'm really in heaven. I could answer cloth questions all day!!!! Someday, I will work for Cotton Babies :) #dreamjob 

Things I can't get off my mind: Sadly, I can't stop thinking about work lately. But, that's not to talk about here. Otherwise, I can't stop thinking about planning this SHOWER! I absolutely LOVE baby showers and all baby THINGS, not to mention entertaining. Scratch my mention about working for CB, I want to just throw baby showers for everyone, ever. Can that be my job!? Celebrate all the babies. Cloth diaper all the babies. Wear all the babies. Nurse all the babies. BABIES!!!!! 

Oh, and if you didn't see, there was a teaser on Instagram. Mo's real name is "out". See if you can peep it :) 
That's all for now!


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