Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pregnancy: 19 Week Update


You didn't mis-read the title, and no, I didn't forget a week....Mo's due date got moved up! EIGHT DAYS! We had an ultrasound today and our little Mo was a little camera shy, but did give my OB what he needed to see. And that resulted in moving my due date up 8 days. You have no idea how exciting it is to think I have one less week at the end of my pregnancy. That is like, the bonus of all bonuses. Because I remember that last week sooooo vividly with LW. And it was absolute hell. GO BABY MO! Keep growing strong!

How far along? 19 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Heirloom tomato. Not in season, so I'm safe from eating these too :)  Though, now that I think about it...I could really go for a good caprese. 

Weight Gain: Three pounds since my first appointment, which is actually about 6lb since my last visit. BUT, I feel great and I fit into some of my non-maternity jeans, I learned today so I am feeling extra great. 

Nursery:  I FOUND THE PERFECT CURTAINS. They are navy and ivory stripes and they're absolutely the most perfect curtains that ever curtained. They arrived today and I cannot wait to get some rods and ask Hubs to hang those suckers up. HOORAY!!!!!!!!! This is what they look like: 

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Movement: Feeling more and more movement every day! He isn't a super active little dude like his brother was in there, but he's definitely starting to make his presence known a little more. 

Symptoms: My hips are a little sore, like they're getting wider...which I didn't think was possible. My back (KNOCK ON WOOD) has been great this pregnancy so far, so I'll take a little hip ache in place of sciatic pain any day. My low back aches a little, but it's the same kind of ache, just like it's supporting a growing baby. I'll take it. 

I've also had a little RLP on and off. I was hoping I'd dodge that bullet this pregnancy but I guess not. It's the worst when I jump up from sitting down to run after LW or if I sneeze in the wrong position. It usually does pass quickly though. 

Oh, and headaches. I have gotten some gnarly headaches lately. I've started to keep a tally of my water consumption. Typically, if I stay on top of that, I stay ahead of a headache. 

Cravings: Not much this week, really. I have felt pretty hungry and I never really feel "full", which is a slippery slope, I remember. I'm doing all I can to make very healthy choices this time around as often as I can. However, I do not regret a single doughnut I consume. Maybe this pregnancy doughnuts will be my weakness the way Girl Scout Cookies were for my pregnancy with LW. Ohh those damned cookies. I'll do my best to limit doughnuts to one day a week (Saturday is now doughnut day) instead of every night after dinner X-) 

Looking forward to: Starting to acquire things for Mo. Slowly but surely. I've been more actively shopping on Craigslist for our double stroller and mentally budgeting when I can combine all of my Buy Buy Baby coupons to start buying little things like velcro swaddles and paci clips from our registry. I know it's silly to be excited for buying little things, but little things add up to a big sum, especially when we're talking about buying that big @ss stroller that I've been dreaming about, so I'd rather spread it out. 

Hubs has also requested we buy another Combi Coccoro convertible seat – this time for his car for Mo when the time comes, so I'm mentally budgeting for two more convertible car seats. It's never too early to plan for big expenses, in my book! After he has buckled and unbuckled LW from the Combi in my car now he's learned the EvenFlo SureRide he has in his car does not come close to being as nice. You get what you pay for with car seats, people. I've learned this the hard way. We got one Combi and three EvenFlos (grandmas each were told to put one in their cars and Hubs has one in his car). I did all the research and even on the CSFL group it was recommended. "It's a great seat!" they said. "Great on a budget!" they said. Bullocks, I say. Spend the extra hundo and buy a nice car seat. Your kids are in them a lot. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: I bought new maternity jeans and work pants in a more flattering style for my body this time around and they should arrive sometime after Thursday. I can't stop thinking about them because it's been so long since I bought myself new pants I just can't wait to slide them on!!! C'monnnnnn Kohl's! 
30% off, $10 off, 6% cash back through eBates (aff link) with maternity pants BOGO 50% off PLUS $10 Kohl's Cash for next time and a $5 Kohl's Rewards prize.... Why did I ever shop anywhere else!? 

And now, as of Thursday...I'm halfway through my pregnancy. THAT is something to think about. 


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