Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pregnancy: 20 Week Update


I feel like I JUST did this for 19 weeks...and here we are again already! Since my transition day changed from Friday to Thursday I am all thrown off. 

How far along? 20 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Banana! Crap. I eat at least one of those a day and so does LW. That will make the rest of this week awkward now that I know...

Weight Gain: Don't know. Don't care :) 

Nursery:  Since I found the perfect curtains last week, the nursery isn't on my mind at the moment. I have my eyes peeled for the perfect dresser to refinish but haven't had any luck yet. The right one will find us. And if it doesn't, he has a pretty big closet until we find a dresser :) 

This weekend my mom and I did get to shop for the flannel that will be Mo's quilt though, which is exciting and adorable. 

Movement: He is getting more active! Still only notice him when I am sitting still or laying down and really relaxed, but his movement is getting more pronounced. I think we are close to Hubs being able to feel him from the outside, which is very exciting. 

Symptoms: Little bit of pressure/cramping down low. I feel like I'm carrying a fanny pack with a stone in it. He's not a small child. Or, he doesn't feel like one. 

I had another "Saturday morning slip". I got up at 7 and had a croissant for breakfast, forgot to take my prenatal. Took it on my way to my mom's with a banana at 9:30. Got busy chatting and didn't eat. Flew to the doughnut shop (because hello, Saturday) at 11:00 but it was too late. By the time they had our dozen packed up, I was in the bathroom heaving my guts out. And everyone in the little shop heard me. Those poor doughnut eaters thought they were going to have a peaceful morning sugary treat and instead got to hear me vomit in the rattly little bathroom with paper walls. 

When I walked out of the bathroom (not knowing everyone in the store could hear me heaving) I shyly smiled at the teenaged girl washing the drive-thru window who was staring at me, jaw-dropped. Two old men then looked at me and smiled like, "Poor kid.". I sat down on my stool to eat my doughnut and my mom said, "Feel better?" I said, "Well, yeah now that I puked I feel great!" and she goes, "Those poor guys know better now then to sit next to the bathroom." and it dawned on me that they heard me. And the girl heard me....and probably everyone else there heard me. So, we high-tailed it out of there and I opted to let my stomach settle for another few hours before downing as many doughnuts as I could. And I will just say, I owned a good portion of that dozen all day.  

Cravings: Well, clearly doughnuts. And Jimmy John's. I've had the veggie and BBQ chips three times in seven days and I don't regret a single bite of it. IT. TASTES. MAGNIFICENT. 

Looking forward to: Lots of friends are due soon and I cannot wait to hear about all of their labors, deliveries and meet their little nuggets!! (via Facebook photos) It just makes me more excited for Mo. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: Double strollers. OH man it's the obsession this week. I had one picked out (City Mini GT Double) but it's really rare to find one under $300 on Craigslist. I had one in my grasps for $250 a few weeks ago and let it go (STUPID!) so now I'm hitting the search hard. 

I've opened my search up to the Baby Jogger X3 Summit Double as well. I see a lot of Mountain Buggy Duos on Craigslist for reasonable prices, some even with car seat adapters or carrycots included but I've also heard they don't wear well. 

I know the GT folds down quickly, easily and SUPER compact – enough to have room to spare in the back of my little Honda Fit. I don't know any of that about the X3, but based on research it looks similar. The X3 has three wheels like my Graco which I love, and suspension with shocks, plus is supposed to be better for bigger kids/last longer. I LOVE how the GT handles and the fourth wheel isn't cumbersome because they're all jogger tires. 

So many pros and cons are you understanding that the struggle is real right now for me?!!? 

Retail price on the X3 is about $100 less (on Amazon Prime right now) than the GT. I think I will just watch Craigslist and see what comes up, since they are pretty neck-and-neck. If LW's birthday in May arrives and I still haven't found a good deal on Craigslist (I have alerts set up to email me every time a Baby Jogger stroller is posted in my area. Obsessed) then we will go test drive again and make a decision with what we can get with discounts, coupons, gift cards, etc at the retailer we choose. Time will tell! And I have little patience. 

UPDATE: I received feedback late last night about a double stroller I should look into...and I was up late researching it. Then I was up early this morning not-sleeping with pregnancy insomnia and couldn't stop thinking about it. Meet the two new kids on the block, who are currently in the running for potential LW/Mo Ride 2015: Valco Baby Snap Duo2 and Valco Baby ZeeTWO 
The Snap Duo2 (above) has me hooked because it has this amazing quick-fold technology, auto-locks itself closed and has a standing fold so if you have your hands full with two children running around, you can leave it be and it will support itself, standing neatly without taking up an entire parking space. See a video demo here. Oh, and it's 21lb. Which has me completely sold, plus the price point is lower than the City Mini GT and the ZeeTWO....BUT those wheels. I'm not sure I'm on board with those plastic wheels.... So bring in the ZeeTWO: 
ZeeTWO has a higher price point than the Snap Duo2 (same as the GT retail), but has the slick wheels I am looking for. It's the same weight as the GT, has many of the same features but is getting more attention because of it's large, single basket underneath and Valco's attention-grabbing quick-fold technology. 

There is a store very close to me who carries Valco (one of three in the state) so I have reached out to them to see if they carry both of these models. I may be saving my Jamberry pennies and selling my heart out to buy one of these strollers retail since they are so "new" to the US market. 

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