Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pregnancy: 23 Week Update


How far along? 23 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Mango?! I feel like we're going backwards here...

Weight Gain: Don't know. Don't care :) 

Nursery: We did find a dresser! I scored it for $30 on a Facebook garage sale and Hubs picked it up. It will be refinished navy :) 

Movement: He's busy in there lately - I have started thinking he is actually a weeble wobble. His head is down but his legs will kick over on my right side, then all of a sudden he's over on the left side kicking. He sways from one side to the other with his little booty. 

Symptoms: Tired. Oh am I tired. And I cry almost all of the time. 

Cravings: Nothing really notable this week. The turkey burger craving was fleeting last week. I didn't get another one and survived. 

Carbs taste pretty great though :) 
Looking forward to: putting tiny little cloth diapers on Simon's tiny little bottom. For Valentine's Day, Hubs got me exactly what I wanted, some of the new Ocean prints in the brand new Thirsties NB AIOs. Oh my word are they tiny and adorable.
Things I can't stop thinking about: A few big things are on my mind.... When the time is right, I will share. For now, prayers for patience would be appreciated! 

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  1. It's funny, I haven't cared about weight gain at all this time either, but the first time I obsessed about it like it would determine the health of the baby and/or the rest of my life. Too funny!