Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pregnancy: 24 Week Update


How far along? 24 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Ear of corn!?! That seems so much bigger than a mango. Grow baby, grow! 

Weight Gain: 9lb so far. I'll take it. 

Nursery: Hubs hung the blinds in the nursery yesterday! I'm looking forward to selling our other house so we can move the twin to the new house and put LW in it. Setting the crib up in Mo's room will make the room seem much more real. 

And a dear friend gave me the diaper cart I've been aching for from IKEA (RASKOG)
I can't wait to set it up and fill it with my newborn stash for Mo!!!

Movement: The last twenty four hours he's doing some kind of polka in there - completely bouncing off the walls. It's fun to feel his little punches and kicks! 

Symptoms: Sciatic pain kicked in with a vengeance this week when I sat reclined on the couch. I am sticking to sitting in the good green chair because it has solid back support. 

Cravings: Honey Nut Cheerios. Ohhhh I could eat those like you wouldn't believe. Hubs joked this week that he's never known anyone who craved Cheerios like I do and my thought was, "What pregnancy craving ever seems rational!?" Just thinking about them, I need to eat them. I try to shut them out of my mind as long as I can each day, but right around now every night Mo says, "MOM! THE CHEERIOS!" and I must obey. I'm sorry, waistline. At least it's not Samoas this time around... 

Looking forward to: Having him in my arms and putting his tiny diapers on and watching him grow and experience the world the same way I watch LW every day. I just saw an old photo of LW on Facebook and it makes me curious as to how much Mo will look like him, act like him, mimic him... I am so excited to see them interact as brothers. 
LW - 5 month old
Things I can't stop thinking about: What the future holds. Waking up in the middle of the night again to nurse. Packing a diaper bag for two. Road trips as a family of four. Where will we go? What will we do? How active will we be this summer as we adjust to life as FOUR instead of three? Will I feel like I am under a dark cloud when Mo arrives the way I did with LW or will I be excited to get out and experience the world again? Will I bounce right back? Will I embrace life as mom of two boys? Will LWs clothes fit Mo? Will he grow faster? Slower? Will he nurse better? Will he cry louder? I am full of so much wonder. So many thoughts. So much excitement...and only 16 more weeks to wonder before I experience it all. I have to admit that the wonder is exhilarating. 


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