Monday, March 23, 2015

Newborn Cloth Diaper Organizer


Mo's diapers are ready!!!!!! I'm so excited. Walking by them in the nursery every time I am upstairs gives me happy feelings all over.
I love cloth diapering and started with LW when he was 9 days old. That seemed like an eternity so this time around, we may come home from the hospital with Mo in cloth. Sposies stink (literally) and blowouts are probably my #1 for most disgusting thing on the planet. Especially with newborn poop. Ohh gag.

When I started talking to a friend about cloth diapering before LW was born, she said the best advice she'd received was to have a newborn stash...and I have to say that has been some of the best advice we received as well! Thank you, Lindsey!!! Not only can you use newborn prefolds all throughout your cloth diapering journey (and beyond! Hello, window rags) via pocket or Flip inserts...newborns poop like A HUNDRED TIMES A DAY. So buying disposables during that time can be nearly $100/month! Ain't nobody got time (or cash) fo' dat!

This is what's in my (robust) newborn stash:
18 Gerber prefolds – these are HUGE and take some creative folding from the beginning, but they don't hold much pee so they're really only useful for newborns.

24 OsoCozy size 1 prefolds – OsoCozy makes the best prefolds. Period. That's my opinion because that's what we use but they're the darn-tootin' BEST! And now after LW has been using them for almost two years Mo is getting the softest, fluffiest, most wonderful feeling prefolds ever. What a lucky duck!

3 Snappis – Mo has to share. LW is still in prefolds too (size 2) so he only gets 3. We'll just be extra careful to try not to lose any.

12 NB AIO – These I have a variety of brands. Mo got his very own brand new Thirsties NB AIOs (thank you, Hubs!) and will use LW's old Rumparooz Lil Joeys (DID YOU KNOW they sell these at Kohl's now!? HELLO 30% off + Kohl's Cash + coupons – MAMAS GET ON THAT NOW!), BumGenius, GroVia and some off-brands sprinkled in.

Lil Joeys were my favorite AIO with LW as a newborn, and I think Thirsties new NB AIO are VERY similar in style, so I have a feeling we'll love those too. The new Thirsties NB AIOs will definitely be in our hospital bag so Mo's newborn photos will be taken while he wears them <3 (OMG I'm melting just thinking about that).

BG NBs were my least favorite with LW because he was such a heavy wetter from the start - one little pee and he was leaking out of those puppies. BUT, Mo may be different entirely so I will be using them on him.

10 NB Covers – These are primarily Thirsties size 1, but a Real Nappies, gDiapers and a Bumkins snuck in somehow :)

I have the bottom shelf filled with OS things that Mo will have - He's gotten some of his own brand new BG pockets as gifts and LW's old hook & loop flips were passed down to him, since LW now thinks it's a party to rip them off vs. wear them. Burp cloths are down there too, as you can see. This will eventually be where I shift some things around so I can put his OsoCozy prefolds but until it is closer to his arrival date, LW will keep using them.
If you have any questions about my stash - please comment below or on Facebook!! I love to talk diapers!

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