Friday, March 6, 2015

Pregnancy: 25 Week Update


Sorry!! I'm late. 

My favorite shirt! It says "Best. Mom. Ever." I'm so glad it still fits :)
How far along? 25 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Scallion....the veggies are getting weirder. 

Weight Gain: Not sure. Appointment on Tuesday!  

Nursery: I have broken down the budget and know how much we need to buy for Simon (some wonderful readers are donating their own baby items so I won't need to buy certain things - THANK YOU!). Last week I started our acquisition of newborn items: some Medela nipples, new membranes for my pump and a bath sponge (I'm giving myself $25/week - which should get us everything we need but a double stroller two weeks before Simon arrives). I also have a few pacis I tossed in the grocery cart a few weeks ago.

Just having items in his room, piling up in the closet feels so real. Like, someday a real-life BABY is going to live there!!!!!!! It's very exciting. 

Movement: This. Little. GUY. Is getting more like his brother. Which is both adorable and terrifying because the thought of TWO little monsters is kind of overwhelming! He's getting busier in there and this week he likes to party from about 3am-5 or 6am so I lay in bed WIIIIDE awake. Thanks, Mo! I don't need any sleep for any reason ;) 

Symptoms: I've been working really hard to remember to take my prenatal every day...which means I need to work harder at eating more consistently. Mo has a little ticker in there. Soon as it gets to two hours it's "FEED ME OR PUKE" 

Cravings: Still Honey Nut Cheerios. I could eat a full meal, dessert, smoothie and chase it with a fountain of water and I would still feel hungry until I had my Cheerios. 

Looking forward to: Enjoying this time with LW. I am going to do my best to put my feet up as often as possible, watch LW play and grow and feel Simon wiggle and squirm around my belly. Second trimester is really the best. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: I'm back into double strollers. :-X I'm sorry to my friends who get my thousand texts about strollers. I really love stroller research, and now I've found a few stroller resale/addict groups. I didn't even know what a "Donkey" stroller was until this week and now I have dreams about them. (FYI, my top three strollers are still: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double, Valco Baby Snap Duo 2 and Valco Baby Zee Two. The front-runner is constantly changing.) At this EXACT moment, I want the Zee Two in "Cloudless". 

This week I went to a consignment sale in hopes of finding a good deal on one of the doubles that I want and there was nothing. 

BUT, LW got his first pair of Sperry's and his first KEEN's, so it wasn't a total bust :) The mentality of "well, I'm having another boy! So it's okay because it's going to get used twice" might be the end of me. BUT SERIOUSLY THEY ARE SO CUTE. HELLO! EASTER! LW needed those Sperry's. 


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