Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pregnancy: 26 Week Update


How far along? 26 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Oops. I wrote the 26 week veggie at 25 weeks. He's a scallion :) 

Weight Gain: Not sure. Appointment on Tuesday!  

Nursery: A friend sent an AMAZING photo of a nursery this weekend and it made me start thinking about Mo's nursery again. Since we have the dresser, it's time we refinished it! This week is supposed to finally start warming up. Maybe sometime this month we can get the dresser done and moved into his room. 

Hubs thinks all navy is a little too harsh so I'm brainstorming other options. Maybe something weathered or with accents....

I feel like I could never successfully do this, but HOW CUTE are these drawer pulls: 
This may be the perfect blend of exactly what I'm looking with a touch of brightness and a nod to nautical: 
Movement: He's been letting me sleep again :) It's wonderful. Sleep is the best!!!!! However, the instant "I need to pee RIGHT NOW" has started because he rolls onto my bladder or kicks it and sometimes I think I might burst. Didn't miss that feeling! Standing in a long line to a public bathroom is almost unbearable. 

Symptoms: Feeling heavier, but otherwise pretty great. I love second trimester. I will miss it.

Cravings: Lemonade. OHHHHHHHHH lemonade. And I'm not talking the crap you buy in a jug or carton. I'm talking old school, frozen concentrate, make it so tart your eyes water because it's like sipping straight lemon over ice.... Yes. That's the lemonade I drink nonstop this week. 

Looking forward to: Using my new (to me) DOUBLE STROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I joined a Facebook group of stroller addicts and got to chatting with a fellow mom who loves Valco Baby strollers. She had posted a photo of her Zee (single stroller) and mentioned she had a Zee Two (double) that she may consider selling. I gave her my zip code to learn shipping costs and forgot about it. A few days later I got a notification that she DID want to sell and shipping to my zip was super affordable so I jumped! I bought it using my Jamberry commissions – something I never dreamed would be possible! 

Meet the new stroller...who has yet to be named but should be arriving this week :) 

Things I can't stop thinking about: How excited I am to get that stroller.... and the fact that the weather this week is FINALLY supposed to start warming up! I already have one zoo date on the books for the week. I might get crazy and make it two ;) 


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