Monday, March 16, 2015

Pregnancy: 27 Week Update


How far along? 27 Weeks - Sorry, I haven't done a "bumpie" yet this week, so this is the best I've got to share. Giraffe!! 

Size of Baby:  Cauliflower. 

Weight Gain:  14 lb. I was bummed about this on Tuesday when I found out, because that means I gained 5lb in the last month...but 14lb 27 weeks in is pretty great. I think with LW at this point I was in the 20-30lb gained range, and gained another 25ish before I was done, so I actually feel pretty good about the 14lb so far. 

Nursery: I've been using rewards points from our cards to acquire more for Mo and it feels so good! I'm almost through the registry I started for him and I've hardly spent any actual money. Over the weekend I also picked out his hamper, which shouldn't be a big deal but it's so adorable I can't wait to share it with you! It's PERFECT for his room. 

Also, I realized we have paint left at the old house that I can use for the dresser that is the perfect shade of grey/blue and light grey. This will make the dresser a statement as I intended, but not weigh down the room. I can't wait to get started on it! 

I think the drawer fronts will be this grey from LW's room at the old house: 
And the body of the dresser will be the dark blue/grey used on the accent wall in the basement from the old house: 
Today I put together Mo's RASKOG for his diapers, so that's another item for his oom that is ready to go! 

Movement: I was joking that Mo might be twins, because I swear I feel him at all four corners of my belly at once sometimes. He's not the most active lately, but when he moves he makes his presence known. 

I had an ultrasound on Tuesday just to check in on him and all is well, except that he still won't show us his face. He's still a boy. He's still due June 11. But, the moment that frame was near his face, he would bashfully turn the other way. The best I've got is an image of his round head. :-P 

Symptoms: Third trimester...and WOW does it feel like it. It hit me like a ton of bricks on my transition day (Thursday). I just need to put my feet up and relax as much as I can. Today was the first day since Thursday that I bounced back and felt like second-trimester me. 

I've also had to purchase and start wearing a belly/back brace every day. It helps tremendously. I have been going for walks every day or to the zoo a few times in the last week and my low abdomen was cramping and spasming so badly I could hardly finish my walks. The brace has helped, and I've also started slowing my pace, adjusting my posture while I walk and drinking a lot more water. 

Saturday I really overdid it and ended up scaring myself. I didn't eat the healthiest snacks all day (and I'm bottomlessly hungry now so of course I couldn't just eat "some" snacks...) and I just pushed myself too far and did too much. This lead to me swelling up like a balloon - to the point where I couldn't even wiggle my wedding ring (which normally slides on and off with ease - even this late in pregnancy with Mo). It was definitely a reality check that I needed. Keep snacking healthy, drink MORE WATER and put my feet up. 

I've had to cut my lemonade consumption too, partially to boost my water intake instead and partially because more than one or two big cups of it and I feel the heartburn coming on. NO THANKS, MO! 

Cravings: Lemonade and cinnamon rolls. Not really together, but suddenly the other evening I got a raging craving for the Aldi cinnamon buns...I don't even know what they're called. I shopped there last week for the first time in a long time and picked up my cinnamon rolls with all the other groceries we needed (and a pile of unhealthy snacks I would have been better off without). 

I opened the package in the parking lot and inhaled one. It was absolutely magnificent. Tonight, Hubs came home with a Cinnabon for me. Last night he ran out to replenish my lemonade concentrate supply. Talk about a stellar guy :) 

Looking forward to: This week I'm hoping to bring all of the newborn diapers up from the basement, re-wash them to prep and organize them in the RASKOG. I know it's early, but I have the urge to do it. A friend got Mo the new BRU exclusive BumGenius prints this weekend, so now I'm really excited about all of his diapers!! 
Things I can't stop thinking about: I've spent a little time with some newborns lately, and I can't stop thinking about meeting Mo. Mainly, I've been wondering, "Will he have hair, or will he be bald like LW was when he was born?" and I am wondering how big he will be....which is what I am TRYING to use as my motivation to eat less. Eat less, have a smaller baby, heal faster, get more itty-bitty-tiny snuggles, put him in NB sizes longer.....But really I want a healthy little Mo. However big he ends up :) 

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  1. Don't worry about the snacking equaling bigger baby... I ate way more while pregnant with B and he ended up being half a pound smaller than Fynn was at birth (just 5 lbs 10 oz)... I think baby's size has more to do with baby than what you eat. That said, you look super cute and you're making me miss pregnancy... slap me, that's just the up all night with a 4-week old with a cold exhaustion speaking :)