Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pregnancy: 28 Week Update


How far along? 28 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Large eggplant! LARGE! 

Weight Gain: Last checked at 26 weeks was 14lb. Hopefully not too much more than that :) 

Nursery: IT IS STARTING TO BECOME A ROOM! I brought the paint home from the old house to start the dresser (so I work in small steps, okay...) and put together the diaper cart. I organized it and prepped all of his tiny newborn cloth diapers...... It is BECOMING A BEDROOM!!!! This week I will share what I have in the diaper cart. 

Movement: This morning I made a green smoothie for Hubs and I that was pretty strong and Mo was BOUNCING ALL AROUND IN THERE! It was so fun to sit in church and feel all of his kicks and wiggles while I drank my smoothie. The recipe (albeit misspelled because I'm the best at paying attention when I write things...) is on @whatifeedmykid

Symptoms: Zzzzzzzz. Let me SLEEP! I've been alright during the day this week, but at night I hit the pillow like a ton of bricks and I sleep HARD. It's nice though because I wake up feeling rested in the morning! 

Other than that, wearing my belly support band makes a huge difference in how 'heavy' I feel. It really keeps my posture in check and supports the weight of sweet, sweet Mo. That was money very well spent

Cravings: This week has been a little weird. At one point I actually text my girlfriends that if Aldi didn't have Cheetohs puffs the next day when I shopped I may die. But then by the time I was shopping I saw the cheesy puffs and had no interest. However, I did elbow my way through a pile of cheese danishes to find the one remaining box of their cinnamon rolls. Totally worth the struggle. 

Lemonade is also still a favorite. I'm down to one (gigantic) glass a day mainly because I have a personal goal to drink more actual water. I try to save my lemonade for a "good" time, like when I am driving somewhere alone so I can really enjoy it or after bedtime. I'm mean, I don't share. 

Oh, and Cadbury mini eggs. The chocolate ones. No cream. Get that crap out of here. Straight chocolate. Yeahhhhh buddy. They jumped right into my cart while I ran errands two days in a row. Who am I to stop them!? 

Looking forward to: Everything. I'm so genuinely happy and I just want to tell everyone. I'm so dang happy and thankful for the women in my life who make every day better and better. I have the best friends on the planet. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: His bedroom. I placed the diaper cart right by the door, so every time I walk out of LW's room I get a little glance of it as I walk by and I want to squeal. TINY BABY THINGS!!!!!! So adorable. 


  1. Tiny baby things! Love :) You look fantastic... it feels like decades ago that I was pregnant and I kinda miss it (though by the end there I was SO beyond ready to be done)... I'm going to live vicariously through your pregnancy for the rest of it

  2. Since I started taking Green drink for breakfast every day, I stopped craving meat, and actually became a vegetarian without consciously trying. I've lost 10 lbs also without trying, and have more energy than before I started using it.