Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some People


You know, I like to think I'm a nice person.

Every day I stalk Craigslist for my dream double stroller and I've yet to find it for my preferred price, but I have faith that I will.

Tonight I emailed on a double stroller that I thought looked like an InStep but I wanted to email to be sure, since it was a great price. I couldn't tell based on the logo in the photo and I didn't want to miss an opportunity for an older Baby Jogger or something else I could research excessively and fall in love with.

I simply asked, "Hi! What brand is this double stroller?"

Seller responded, "Hi
It's a brand called InStep - popular at Sears & Target. It's not a high end brand but it is as solid as the day we got it. We just do not have a need for it any more." 

I said, "Ok thanks anyway. Not the brand I’m looking for. Good luck!" 

...which would normally be the end of the email thread. But this seller had to go back to me one more time with this: 
WOW. Are you kidding me?! 

Normally I would simply delete the email and brush it off, but I feel like this one needs to be brought to attention because this person was a raging turd.

Here is a little tip in etiquette for anyone who is curious about selling items online: If someone mentions (POLITELY) that they aren't interested, let the conversation end there. DO NOT go back to the potential buyer and belittle them. 

...I mean, you never know if they have a blog or something they will share your nasty emails on ;) 


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