Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Maternity Necessities


Well, I'm winding this pregnancy down. Just saying that sends kind of a jitter through me.

It's so bittersweet. I probably won't be pregnant again. This is it. The final countdown.

Two of my friends had their babies this week - within a few hours of one another. I'm ecstatic for them and it makes me giddy to think about meeting Mo....and yet I'm so conflicted at the same time.

A very close friend of mine just had an intense labor and delivery experience and I was texting with her and her husband throughout the process. Consequently, I was so wrapped up in her labor that I couldn't sleep that whole night. The following evening as I laid down to bed, weak with exhaustion both physically from not sleeping and mentally from the highs and lows of labor via text (she delivered a perfect, beautiful baby boy) all I could think was, "Thank God tonight I do not have a newborn to wake up and nurse all night. Thank you, Mo, for brewing a little longer."

Then the flip side...I can't wait to dress Mo in all of LW's clothes. I already have his going home outfit laid out. (Full disclosure: last night I had a moment of not being able to sleep because I was worrying I may forget socks for Mo to wear home. As if a baby will need socks. In June.) 
I can't wait to nurse him and snuggle him and wear him in a ring sling. And at the same time I am so enjoying feeling all of his kicks and wiggles and thumps around inside me. See the conflict? The struggle is real, people.

All I can REALLY do is try to enjoy as much of the remainder of this pregnancy as possible. All seven weeks one day of it. Give or take.

Here are a few things I've really loved this time around:

1. Maternity pillow

I started using this...maybe the night after I found out I was pregnant. Sleeping in it is the happiest place to sleep on the planet. I even brought it along for a weekend getaway with my Jamily. Right now I have to sleep 3/4 of the way on my back because if I put any pressure on my belly, Mo has a meltdown in there. This pillow always offers the right amount of support for me in all the right places, no matter what position I'm sleeping in. 

2.  Good maternity jeans (Kohl's)
I have Gap jeans from my previous pregnancy and they are fine, but I feel like they are always falling down and it drives me crazy. I assumed all maternity jeans did this since they lack a waistline but these jeans from Kohl's taught me otherwise. Plus, they're boot cut so I can wear my big, dorky gym shoes without feeling like a big dork. 

3. Sleep nursing tanks

Is there anything Pea in the Pod doesn't do well?! I only own two or three items from them and they are the softest, most magnificent things I've ever put on my body. My sister in law handed down some of her maternity and nursing items and the sleep nursing tanks (different from pictured above but still amazing) are SO comfortable. I wasn't sleeping well wearing a maternity sleep/nursing bra but I needed SOME kind of support. These camis are the perfect blend. And give me another reason to look forward to putting on my jammies at night. Plus, these I will be able to use through nursing Mo. Bonus! 

4. Smoothies 

There is no surprise when I say being pregnant is tiring. The thought of being sick while pregnant and having a toddler to manage is downright unbearable. Somehow I have discovered a smoothie that has *knock on wood* kicked every tickle in my throat since I've tried it. 

I'm not kidding. Every time I get as much as a tummy ache or a tickle in my throat, this smoothie is magical. Originally posted on WIFMK. It is: 
50% Kale or romaine (I prefer kale) 
a thumb of peeled ginger
1 peeled lemon
chia seeds
splash of elderberry syrup
handful of frozen fruit
water and ice to suit 

So simple. So random. So epically powerful. It just KNOCKS the ick right out of me! This blender has also been priceless because I use it for everything. Including muffins

5. Maternity belt

I have been SO LUCKY this pregnancy to have little to no sciatic pain. SO LUCKY!!!! But, my low abdomen and my low back feel very strained if I don't wear this puppy a majority of my day. It's also helped limit/stop my contractions if I'm out on a walk. 

I always used to find these things unnecessary, but two babies in two years does a number on your body...and some of us need all the support we can get! 

What were your maternity necessities - the first or second time around?? 


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