Monday, April 6, 2015

Pregnancy: 30 Week Update


How far along? 30 Weeks

Clearly between weeks 29-30 I "popped" because this baby got HUGE! Look at that tummy! It came kind of at the perfect time, because last week I had my maternity photos done with Milamemories Photography. I have only seen one "sneak" peek photo so far, but I'm in love. 

Size of Baby:  Cabbage.

Weight Gain: Are you sitting down? Because you'll want to be. I should have been when I heard.... Twenty. Six. Pounds. Ladies and gentleman, that's a record breaking 12 pounds in a month I just gained. Ho-ly sh*t. I feel like I've been pretty well behaved, too! I mean, a doughnut or two here, a Cadbury egg or six there but.....TWELVE POUNDS?!?! That's embarrassing. Apparently my body thinks Mo needs the cushioning....

Nursery: OH MY GOSH so many things are happening in the nursery. The twin got moved to LW's room, so he's in a big boy bed now (a post on that another time). The crib is set up and ready in Mo's room. I bought curtain rods which will be installed this coming weekend and I FINISHED THE DRESSER!!!!!!!!! Recap, BEFORE: 
And this is the finished product: 
The paint I wanted to use for the drawer fronts ended up being bad so I painted the whole thing the blue/grey from the accent wall at the old house. Paint was free, dresser was $30, hardware was $30. $60 for a super sturdy and adorable nursery dresser! I'm thrilled with the outcome. (I also just noticed from this photo that I have the drawers in the wrong order. I'm awesome at paying attention to detail.)

I've also acquired a few pieces to repurpose/refinish for Mo's room which I'll leave you in suspense over. ANNNNDDD I plan to make a crib skirt since I never made one for LW (poor LW). I'm planning to use this tutorial...I just need to find the right fabric! Which is proving to be more challenging than I had anticipated.

Movement: Easter Sunday MoMo was COMPLETELY wild. Probably the two ham dinners. Or the Peeps. Or the Cadbury eggs (and really I'm wondering how I gained 12 pounds in a month...really....) but he certainly isn't small anymore. His movements aren't too extreme like I remember LW's being, but he LOVES to hook his feet under my ribs and push push push. 

Cravings: None really. Lemonade tastes awesome and my heartburn went away (for now) so I've been really enjoying that. Otherwise, nothing fun to report. 

Looking forward to: Doing all of these projects in his nursery!!! His room and LW's big boy room are coming together so adorably! 

Things I can't stop thinking about: More projects. I'm in DIY mode, big time. This morning I had two items in my hands at HomeGoods and it was going to be $70 + tax so I put them back. Went to the thrift store and scored the same two items for $5 ea!! They'll take a touch of creativity and DIY but they will be exactly what I want in the end! I can't wait to share them, and the other items in our home when I finish them. I'm trying to do all I can now, when I have good feeling days. Every few days I feel absolutely wretched and I hit the "WHEN CAN I HAVE THIS BABY" wall. So good days become very productive days. 

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  1. 26 pounds at 30 weeks is a good weight gain, and you look awesome, so don't worry about it!