Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pregnancy: 32 Week Update


How far along? 32 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Large jicama (almost 4lb) 

Weight Gain: Only 3lb over the last two weeks!!!!!!!!!!! That puts me at 29lb total. I'm very proud of that number :D 

Nursery: I made his name and hung it on the wall today!!!!!!!!! Post about it here. Here's a sneak: 
Movement: He is not small. It's fun because I can see him rolling around in my belly and feel every hiccup but in the middle of the night I just want to sleep, not lay there thinking about when his hiccups will be over. I sent a video of him bubbling around the other night to my mom and she said it looks like I've smuggled a pillowcase full of puppies :-D HAHA! Kind of what it feels like too.

Symptoms: Tired. Backache. Cramping. Winded. You name it, third trimester symptoms are here with a vengeance. However, today I had what Hubs calls a "good belly" day. I actually felt "tucked in". I'm not sure how else to describe it. 

Lately I've felt like such a beached whale it's been hard to appreciate pregnancy and the cuteness that can come with it. Today just wearing my favorite yoga pants, with a tank top and a jean jacket I felt so good! Not like a whale. Just like a cute, happy prego. It was such a nice breath of fresh air.

Edited – I've started having to do mid-night yoga to get him to cooperate too. He wiggles and worms his way into a position that's uncomfortable for both of us so now I've started to just get out of bed and do some cat/cow stretches and a few down dogs to get him where he needs to go. 

Edited – My pineapple craving is back. I had it beyond belief with LW and now it's back with this pregnancy. I ate an entire pineapple today. Also, I have re-found my passion for Nutella. I'm going to try to limit myself to slathering it on one plain rice cake a day. That may not last beyond....right now.

Looking forward to: Labor and delivery!!!!!!! Two friends of mine are INCREDIBLY close to meeting their littles. Reading through labor stories and getting updates on how they're feeling makes me so excited for that stage. I am trying to embrace being pregnant all I can, but the labor and delivery part is so exciting to look forward to.

Things I can't stop thinking about: Finishing up the nursery. Only a few little doo-dads to take care of. I've just been so busy lately I haven't been able to do much of anything. I feel like I have a thousand things running around at once and I'm not FINISHING anything. Trying to take it one day at a time and accomplish all I can while still keeping my feet up an appropriate amount of time :) 


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