Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pregnancy: 33 Week Update


How far along? 33 Weeks

Size of Baby:  I don't even know. Enormous!?

Weight Gain: See above. 

Nursery: I sewed his crib skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sewed. his. crib. skirt. 

I feel so awesome that I did it. I used this tutorial for an adjustable crib skirt. Hubs needs to tack it down because using thumb tacks didn't work and right now it's stuck on there with duct tape... BUT I DID IT. Also: I screwed up the pattern direction. If you look closely, the front is horizontal pattern and the sides are vertical. The quilter in me tried to utilize the most fabric when I cut it all out, then I realized I biffed it hard.... so I just went with it. It's "optical interest" my mom says ;) 

And speaking of Nana - she finished Mo's quilt this weekend too!!! 
I haven't seen it in person yet, but it sure looks stunning from the photos!!!!

Hubs hasn't hung the curtain rods or curtains yet, but hopefully just me writing this line in this blog post will inspire him to do it a day this week after work ;) 

Movement: He's a crazy man. Moving alllllll the time. I can always SEE his movement too, which I don't remember being the case with LW. He's like *right there*. This morning in church I could feel his head down low, his booty up almost to my ribs and his toes wiggling over on my side. He is not small.

Symptoms: I've been feeling really great this week. Like, really great. Part of it may be the weather has been garbage so we've had to stay inside - which gives me a lot of opportunities to keep my feet up and relax vs. chase a toddler. The weather also coincided with LW getting his canines so it's really just been snuggle fest over here. All reasons that I feel pretty great! 

Mo is getting really big and up in my ribs lately though, which is a feeling I did not miss. It makes sitting upright for long periods (ex: dinner) very uncomfortable. 

Cravings: Nothing really. I'm so boring :)

Looking forward to: Snuggling little Mo and seeing LW interact with him. I take a lot of opportunities to snuggle my friends newborns when I can and LW seems to have adjusted to that very well. He listens well and is very understanding when I tell him to back away or be gentle. We're working on the same manners for him and dogs since lately he believes our dog is actually a drum :-X Or a pony. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: We could have a baby. In a month. or two weeks. Or six weeks. Or tomorrow. The end of pregnancy is the most exhilarating time emotionally because anything could happen at any moment. 

Three friends now have had babies in the last week. Two of them were natural births - no epidurals. It's made me think more and more about doing this delivery naturally. Do I want to go naturally? Could I? What are the benefits? Why would I? Just to say I did it? 

Well, for whatever reason I had a flashback of sorts yesterday and the flashback, though totally mental, felt physical. I *felt* the pain of postpartum over again. And that helped reaffirm my decision - I will be getting an epidural this time if time allows it. I don't know that I am emotionally strong enough to brave a natural childbirth (I'm just being honest here) and that wave of pain in my flashback reminded me that epidurals are good. I can have a few hours of not needing to get up to pee. I can not feel that pain for just a few extra hours. I'll know it's there, but I won't feel it. Just for a little while. And if you know me, you know I really love being in my happy place. 

I salute every woman who has their children completely unmedicated. At one time in my life, it was my dream to do so. Now, my dreams have changed. I dream about not having to pee constantly. And being in my happy place :) 


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