Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Toddler Mini Diaper Bag Necessities


Somewhere along the way in the last 23ish months, LW became a toddler. Toddlers, while exhausting in many ways, are way less work to be out and about with because they don't need 400 diapers. This means I don't need to carry my full diaper bag around anymore (for the time being...until Mo arrives).
Now I just carry one Zipper Pouch by Thirty-One. And can you believe that one little tote holds all of these goodies?! Plus, with just one cloth AIO diaper in the tote, it fits in my purse!

This way, I can be totally ready for a diaper change if we are out and about. If I am going out without LW I can take it out of my bag and leave it in the car without wondering if I forgot my wallet, keys or sunglasses in the diaper bag (you know it's happened to you...).

Here is what I keep it stocked with:

  1. The bag is the Zipper Pouch by Thirty-One
  2. Wet bag (I make my own)
  3. CJ's Butter Stick - All of their scents are AMAZING
  4. Norwex Travel Enviro Cloth
  5. Norwex Hand Cleaner (an alternative to anti-bac gel)
  6. California Baby Sunscreen
  7. Doggie bags, because I rarely remember #2
  8. AIO diapers
  9. Emergency wet-wipe
  10. Wipes
What do you use for diaper changes on the go? 


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