Monday, May 4, 2015

Postpartum Padsicles


Time is winding down in this pregnancy and I'm making the final preparations for Mo's arrival.

While decorating the nursery is fun, I also have myself to think about. Life after delivering a baby isn't always a cake walk! I have no idea how my labor and delivery experience will be, but what I can do is prepare for the delivery I aim for. I plan on getting an epidural again this time and aim for a successful vaginal delivery.

With that type of delivery comes a lot of recovery time...that many people just don't tell you about! I remember asking friends for their unused padsicles last time around because I went through them like crazy. They felt SO GOOD postpartum.

So - what's a padsicle and why do you need them!? It's basically a doctored up enormous maxi pad that you freeze (or keep in the fridge if that's too cold for you) to help relieve some postpartum delivery pain. If you tear during delivery and require stitches (does anyone not tear or need stitches?!)  these puppies are a God send.

The materials needed are simple and easy to acquire at your local drug store.
 You simply need:

  • Witch Hazel
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Lavender Oil (optional)
  • Overnight Maxi Pads
  • Small spatula or spoon to spread

  1. Start by opening the pad very carefully - you are going to close it back up in the original packaging so don't go tearing things apart! 
  2. Saturate the pad using witch hazel – learn more about witch hazel and its properties here. 
  3. Dribble a drop or two of lavender oil (if desired) onto the pad for freshness and additional healing.
  4. Squirt aloe vera gel to coat entire maxi pad and spread evenly around with spatula or spoon. 
  5. Carefully fold the pad back up and place into a zip top bag. 
  6. Freeze! Or refrigerate until it's time to use them.

I'm going to have wishful thinking that I will only need one package of 20 padsicles this round. LW was 8lb 9oz, I pushed him out in 35 min and I needed two packages. I also tore to smitherines and needed stitches.

If it's your first baby and doctors think he or she may be a big one, I suggest making two packages! Or at least familiarize your Hubs with the process so he can make you more after baby arrives, if need be :)

If you're approaching your due date, don't forget to think about yourself! Preparing for baby is important but preparing for life with a postpartum body is, in my opinion, essential.

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  1. i've never heard of a padsicles. I wish I had these bad boys back in 2011!!!!