Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pregnancy: 34 Week Update


How far along?: 34 Weeks
LW was born about 4 weeks after that photo was taken (above) so I'm hoping we have about 4 weeks left until Mo joins us out in the world. Praying. Wishing. 

Size of baby: Cantaloupe

Weight gain: I went in last week and learned I had lost a pound! So that puts me at 28lb gained total. But, I am going in tomorrow so we'll see what the verdict is then. 

Nursery: Okay, this is a terrible photo, but the curtains are hung!!!!!! 
Oh and don't mind LW climbing into the crib. He does that every chance he gets, just to remind us that he still can. We got it buddy. You're a champion crib-climber. 

Hubs also hung up the art work in Mo's room so a few tiny touches are left and we're ready for baby! 

Movement: A lot. All the time. Lots of it. 

Symptoms: Every day I seem to hit a point earlier and earlier lately. It's the "I. Just. Can't. Even." point. So I've been reading pregnancy memes every night to make myself feel better and remind myself that I'm not alone. All pregnant women go through this. Today I actually cried because my body hurts and I'm tired and....I just can't even. 

These are my favorite third trimester pregnancy memes:

And I'm crabby. OH am I crabby. Probably for the reasons mentioned above. Tired. Body hurts. Fat. Want a doughnut. Want ice cream. Eat it all. Body still hurts. Feel fatter. Repeat. 

A friend is lending me her peanut shaped exercise ball for the remainder of the pregnancy and I plan to use it for delivery as well. It feels WONDERFUL to sit on something that relieves pressure on my back and hips vs. adding pressure. WONDERFUL! My midwife suggested it my last pregnancy and I was a dipstick who chose not to listen. 

For those curious how it works for delivery (which yes, I will be getting an epidural unless we're in extreme circumstances), I found this video to spell it out: 

Cravings: Sweets. And pineapple. And none of that fruit tray sh*t. I'm talking somewhat overripe, bright @$$ yellow, fresh from the core, juicy and a complete mess, pineapple. Like, exactly the kind that Costco sells pre-cut but I'm too cheap to actually buy. It's like eight dollars. Get real. So I spend $1.39 at Aldi and have to wait four or five days for it to get to the perfect overripeness. My mouth is watering while I write this. 

Also, I eat the entire pineapple in 24 hours. Go ahead and keep judging me. If you've ever been pregnant, you know. 

Looking forward to: 
That about sums it up. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: Do I think? Probably not anymore. I think my brain is actually just mush. Mushy doughnuts. That's what I have in my head in place of brain right now. Mushy doughnuts.


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