Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pregnancy: 39 Week Update


How far along?: 39 Weeks – Wow! Never thought I'd get here.
Size of baby: Big enough to be born tomorrow night/Monday sometime.

Weight gain: Don't know. Don't care...and it's better this way. Staying in my happy place. I feel great. I feel better about my body at the end this time than I did last time and my wedding rings are still on. I'm winning in my book. Soon I will feel great about my post-baby body.

Movement: As I type he feels like he's doing the worm. I just ate an ice cream cone so he's all kinds of happy at the moment :)

Symptoms: Lots of early labor symptoms lately. Google it, and you'll see what I'm talking about. I have just about every one you'll find.

Yesterday and today I've been having some pretty real contractions - trackable ones - for a few hours at a time. They haven't amounted to anything, but induction is scheduled for tomorrow evening so I wouldn't be shocked if they sped up a good clip and I went into labor on my own. That'd be nice, and I heard it happens often. If not, that is okay too.

I was experiencing extreme, overwhelming, bring-me-to-tears pelvic pain for the last few weeks (hence why my posts were so negative) and this week I did a little research to try and help induce myself because I was so miserable and uncomfortable, I couldn't imagine even making it until Sunday for the induction.. While those methods didn't work for induction, one video did help me understand the stem of my pain, why it was happening and how to correct it. 35 seconds of a yoga move (inversion off a couch) and pelvic tilts and my pain was GONE!!!! Learn what I'm talking about:

Now I've been feeling great since I corrected Mo's position and ready to take on every remaining day as a prego. Just figures that the induction is already scheduled (yes, we could cancel it, but I'm not going to).

Cravings: Ice cream, still. And doughnuts bc it was Nat'l Doughnut Day on Friday, in case you missed it. A neighbor delivered a box of fresh, bakery doughnuts to me this morning to help me get through my final weekend of being pregnant. Absolutely amazing!!!

Looking forward to: Induction. If I don't go into labor on my own before tomorrow evening, I'm really looking forward to the induction. I've done a lot of research and asked a ton of moms how their Cervidil inductions went and I feel really positive going into it. Especially with all of the early labor symptoms I've been having, I feel like my body is totally ready and is going to respond to it really well. I'm very much looking forward to my experience with it.

Things I can't stop thinking about: How long the induction will take. How my delivery will be. What Mo will look like. What color hair he will have. If he'll look just like LW or like his own little person....Nursing him. Snuggling him. Having his first photo shoot at the hospital with his fluffy little diaper on. Putting all of his adorable, tiny clothes on him. Swaddling him. So many things. I can't believe we're under 24 hours away from induction. I can't wait.

Prayers for a fast labor and speedy delivery are appreciated!!! Next post: Birth story :) (AHH!!)


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