Tuesday, August 18, 2015

10 Things I Have Given Up Now That I Have Two Kids


We all like to pretend that we are doing some things better than others. It's alright to have a little pride. And, admit it...you've considered yourself a better mom than your friends before. It's cool, we're human. We are allowed to be a little cocky from time to time. 

However, I realized recently that I am no better. Actually, we all suck pretty equally but I mean that in a loving way. It's helped me realize and learn an important lesson: We're all in this together. 

Since having Mo, there are several things that just don't get done anymore. Or at least, not as frequently as they once did. 

1) Cleaning up toys 
Can I please request a dollar for every time I have tripped over a truck, tractor or pair of shoes aimlessly strewn about my floor? Because I would be a billionaire. I have gotten good at skating across the room rather than taking actual steps like an adult. It leaves less risk for ankle twisting on a hot wheel. 

My solution was to move most toys to the basement. Less to clean up and less to trip over. Holla!!

2) Cleaning the toilets
It got bad enough last week that I asked Hubs to buy us toilet cleaner at Costco. Nothing motivates me to use things more than owning them in bulk. Whether it is a perishable item or not, if it's in bulk, I will f'ing find time to use it. 

3) Cooking

I know, I know. #whatifeedmykid and whatever. Truth is those meals aren't always meal planned.  [SPOILER ALERT] Sometimes they are just random items I find in the fridge. Mmm....most times actually. 

4) Feeding myself 
Breastfeeding is THE BOMB but it has caused me to have a touch of hypoglycemia...factor in a wildly energetic and curious two year old with the newborn and I just straight up don't remember to eat. Which is pretty dangerous. Some days it's 5:00pm and I start dinner only to realize that all I have eaten since breakfast is a leftover piece of chicken nugget and a handful of airPop. So I'm working on that. 

5) Laundry
It's always been a miracle if diapers get washed, dried, folded AND put away in one day. Now it's a miracle if a single load of anything gets moved from the washer to the dryer. My family room is constantly a mish mish of half folded loads of laundry. 

6) Taking "Me" time
I guess my "me" time is when I sleep. Because sometimes I get to do that. Today LW kept asking to stay inside when I asked if he wanted to go outside and play. So, I took that as a clue to do something I enjoy....which at the time was vacuum the floors....and clean the toilets. #adultprobs 

7) ...8) ...9) and 10) Remembering stuff
I forget everything. Almost instantly. Like Dory from Nemo. A whale!?! I speak whale! 

I had a solid list of crap I wanted to write in this post. Instead, I am going to bed now. Don't try and stop me. 9pm. No shame. 


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