Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kitchen Transformation


Hi! I'm still alive!! Life with two leaves very little time for blogging. At least, for now. 

A few weeks ago I was on Pinterest while mid-night nursing and got the idea to paint our cabinets grey. 

Over the last week, we did. We = my husband, myself and my dad. Dad was really the star of the show because he did a ton of work for this project. Hubs put in a ton of hours as well and I painted in between nursing sessions while my mom watched the boys. Talk about a team effort!!! Here are a few "before" photos: 

I did loads of research (as I typically do) and from the suggestion of a few friends, I opted to buy the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit. I chose the "light" kit in Winter Fog. We were skeptical that it would work as advertised....but it did!!!!! 

I chose all new hardware also, which is where much of the budget and time of the project went. 

Are you ready...?!

Holy guacamole what a transformation!!!!!!! I'm thrilled with the cabinets and hardware. Next I think I will tweak the wall color. It's a bit of a mustard yellow/green and the cabinets are begging for a more cool tone. I think I'll stick with yellow but go more towards lemon....or maybe I'll go mint. 

We also are planning to update the backsplash. Hopefully sometime this year, maybe early next. Who knows!? All I know is right now I am thrilled one step is complete and it's beautiful. 

...and I have to cut this short to go feed a baby. CHEERS!! 


  1. Are your cabinets more of a gray or tan? I'm trying to decide which color to choose, but I can't tell if the Winter Fog has more brown or gray undertones. Kitchen looks great. Thanks!

  2. They're definitely a light grey. Thanks!! You can see more photos on my Instagram account sparklesandcrafts

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