Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some Updates


Hi! I feel the best way to share some updates is by photo. So here we go. 

Billy still isn't ready to potty train. No biggy! 

Hubs and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. He got me a Latched Mama nursing hoodie. Not only is it SUPER warm and awesome quality, it's so snuggly, it induces baby nursing naps. My favorite kind of naps. I endorse this product 100%. I could own one in every color. I love it. 

I've been researching sensory toys so Christmas is both fun AND beneficial for LW. I found a deal on a jungle gym on and jumped on it yesterday. Merry Christmas, LW!!!

Mo sits up now!!! He is getting stronger every day and watching his development is amazing. 
That said, I'm glad I did my research and I am sticking to my guns on not introducing solids before his 6 month birthday. Not only is it best for his tummy and enzymes, all of the signs he's showing that he's ready definitely doesn't mean he is "ready". I've started giving him one breast milk pop every day while we eat family dinner. He can reach for it, pick it up, get it in his mouth (most of the time), but once it's there he sucks and spits the liquid back out. His reflex for gagging is still too far forward. He's not ready to have other things in his mouth yet. I believe he will LOVE solid foods when he's ready, but he's just not ready yet. In more ways than one. 
I got a babywearing hoodie. It's the best. Thing. Ever. Can you tell I love hoodies?! 

I planned on doing a fun activity/project every day for the next two months. Since the holidays aren't chaotic enough, I thought I would add fuel to the flame. Well, I've done three so far. Two on the calendar and one just because we felt like it (twice). Turns out that like everything else, if I over plan, I under deliver. I'm sure we will do several of the planned events along the way and they'll be awesome. 

That's all
For now!! 


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